Saturday, July 14, 2018

Weekly update

This week Nolan had camp everyday. The mornings were busy getting up and out of the house by 8:35 but it generally went smoothly. I prep their outfits and snacks the night before so in the morning things move a little quicker. Camp was pirate themed. Nolan seemed to really enjoy it and came home talking about all his new little friends. It makes me happy knowing he’s forming friendships and seems to be adjusting well to the school setting. Here’s one of his crafts from this week.

It was another hot week but Eliza and I found indoor things to do. We did story time, went to a friends, and hosted a play date one day. Here’s all the little ones eating lunch together. 

Eliza hasn’t been napping as well and has been waking up crying for Mommy every morning and after her nap. I’m not sure why. She goes to sleep fine but seems very upset when she wakes up. It seems more irritable during the day too since she’s been getting less sleep. I hope this is a short phase, and she will nap better soon. I just don’t think an hour and 15 minutes is long enough for her. 

We seem to be hitting the terrible twos a little early. She says no and I don’t want to pretty often lately. She’s starting to resist sitting in her high chair and is pretty persistent when she doesn’t want to do something. We really have to choose which battles to pick. She’s been wanting to wear shoes in the house and that’s something I just don’t give in about. Eliza seems very clingy to me as well and has been holding my legs and asking Mommy to carry her. She will get upset when I ask her to walk. It’s sweet she wants to be carried but sometimes it is helpful for her to walk if my hands are full. She hasn’t been the easiest baby or toddler but her sweet moments, her smiles, her giggles, and her snuggles make it all worth it. 

There’s almost enough hair for pigtails now. She still pulls them out pretty quickly but I keep trying. 

They’ve been enjoying playing in the kiddie pool. We’ve been trying to get to other pools regularly too.

Swim lessons have been going really well now. Coach John has helped Nolan tremendously, and I can already see that Eliza likes him and I think he will be a good fit for both of them. Nolan has his lesson first, they go in together briefly as Eliza gets adjusted and then Nolan comes out and she has her private lesson. This week Nolan was able to swim backstroke across the pool horizontally. He’s still timid when it comes to jumping in and says he’s scared but otherwise he’s been pretty agreeable. Eliza worked on floating on her back, kicking, and getting her head underwater. She has a great strong kick but doesn’t like to lay on her back. It’s exciting to see their progress each week. More soon!

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