Monday, July 17, 2017


Amid all the illness in our house the past few weeks, we've had a few exciting firsts for both kids. Nolan peed on the potty for the first time on Wednesday July 12. We usually ask him to try to sit on a the potty before bath time, and this night he sat down and went. We were really proud of him. Once he was in the tub he asked to get out and go again. We thought he might be joking because he wanted the praise again but sure enough he went a second time. That was a positive sign that he's starting to be interested. We still have enough on our plates right now and aren't pushing potty training on him but if he seems willing and wants to try we are all about it. 

Another first for Eliza happened today. She stood up by herself without holding onto anything. I remember this being the next step after tracking around objects before Nolan started walking on his own. She seems to be getting close to taking those first steps. While I'm a little nervous to have two kids that are walking, I'm also excited about her being able to walk around outside and play while walking. It's hard to believe her first birthday is approaching too. 

We are all starting to recover from hand foot and mouth but I still need another day or two until we can resume our usual activities. Since it's highly contagious, we have stayed home and cancelled all our plans. It was a bummer missing our friend's first birthday and a few other things but it happens. Hopefully later in the week we can go out more and start having fun again.

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