Saturday, July 22, 2017

Nolan 27 months

Another month has gone by, and Nolan continues to learn lots of new skills. This month he has started to speak more clearly while using pronouns like he, she, I, it, him, and her. He's talking in full sentences, and I am enjoying listening to the conversations he has while he's playing and with us. 

He's becoming more self sufficient. He can open the refrigerator himself now, he can pee on his potty, and he's starting to try and dress himself. I've noticed a lot of independence lately and that he wants to try by himself before we help him with something. He likes to negotiate a little more lately and asks to play instead of taking a nap or go to bed but generally he's pretty cooperative. Nolan's continued to be a great sleeper. Typically sleeping 8:30-8:30 and taking a two hour nap around 1:30-3:30. He is a relatively good eater and not too picky.

Nolan is still a reader and loves to look at books himself or be read to. He's into building with his big Legos, playing in his kitchen, organizing things, playing with play dough, and using his imagination. He also really likes taking care of baby dolls. It's fun to see him try to copy what we are doing taking care of his baby sister. He typically likes the pool once he gets in but is hesitant at first.

He can still be a bit mean to his sister at times but I have seen more times were they giggle together and play together sweetly. I hope as they continue to grow together being close in age will give them a good relationship.

This month he had the worst illness he has had since he was born. It was sad to see him in pain from hand foot and mouth but we are glad he's all recovered and back to his generally happy self. His ability to sleep and eat was distrusted but has since returned to his normal routine.

 At times he doesn't want to get dressed or get his diaper changed but eventually he will. Two year olds definitely require more patience than I realized. We try to stick to certain rules and expectations with him (for example we don't allow TV turning meal times) but also pick our battles for smaller less important things. We look forward to another month with our growing little guy!

Friday, July 21, 2017

Weekly update

This was our we all have hand foot and mouth disease photo. It was a painful 2 weeks for the three of us but I'm glad to report all the sores have healed! I had read an article suggesting to document the hard times of raising kids too so Jeremy snapped that picture.   
We went out for milkshakes one night since I was still having a hard time eating. Jeremy's came out a little more elaborate than he was expecting.
Love those moments they play sweetly together.
Making play dough lizards, dinosaurs, and snakes. 
Building forts and towers 
Still a little reader 
Big boy getting his first haircut without sitting on one of our laps.
Enjoying dinner out with live music and a balloon sword 

Monday, July 17, 2017


Amid all the illness in our house the past few weeks, we've had a few exciting firsts for both kids. Nolan peed on the potty for the first time on Wednesday July 12. We usually ask him to try to sit on a the potty before bath time, and this night he sat down and went. We were really proud of him. Once he was in the tub he asked to get out and go again. We thought he might be joking because he wanted the praise again but sure enough he went a second time. That was a positive sign that he's starting to be interested. We still have enough on our plates right now and aren't pushing potty training on him but if he seems willing and wants to try we are all about it. 

Another first for Eliza happened today. She stood up by herself without holding onto anything. I remember this being the next step after tracking around objects before Nolan started walking on his own. She seems to be getting close to taking those first steps. While I'm a little nervous to have two kids that are walking, I'm also excited about her being able to walk around outside and play while walking. It's hard to believe her first birthday is approaching too. 

We are all starting to recover from hand foot and mouth but I still need another day or two until we can resume our usual activities. Since it's highly contagious, we have stayed home and cancelled all our plans. It was a bummer missing our friend's first birthday and a few other things but it happens. Hopefully later in the week we can go out more and start having fun again. 

Friday, July 14, 2017

Hand foot and mouth oh my

Well it looks like Nolan's mouth sore was in fact hand foot and mouth and not just a canker sore. On Thursday, Eliza and I both came down with symptoms of hand foot and mouth. We both have sores in all three places. I definitely understand the pain Nolan was experiencing in his mouth the past few days and why he didn't want to eat or drink. I'm currently in the same boat and having pain eating and drinking too.

I always heard about other friend's and their children getting hfm but like with other things in life, until you experience it yourself, it's hard to understand what it's really like. Now I know, and it isn't fun. It's a slow healing process too. Some days this week it felt as if time was standing still a bit. All I wanted was for all of us to feel healthy and pain free so that we can get back to all the fun things we like to do together. 

I've spent much of my time at home this week reading parenting articles and talking to other Moms about parenting and how they manage and balance everything. I'll admit lately it feels like I'm sinking and can't keep my head above the water. When I look around, it seems like all these other Moms and their families have it all together. 

My one friend shared this analogy with me and I wanted to share it. She said "My answer to whenever someone asks how I handle work and motherhood and school my answer is always "I'm like a duck. I look calm on top of the water but underneath I'm paddling like crazy". That's exactly how I'm feeling lately. Paddling like crazy to try and keep up with life. 

If this weeks illness and having two babies close in age has taught me one thing this year, it is to let go and realize everything in life isn't in my control. I'm trying to see the positives that the tough times in motherhood teach us. I'm learning to be more patient than I ever imagined I'd have to be. Hopefully after some more rest this weekend we will start to feel better.

Thursday, July 13, 2017

Weekly update


On Saturday morning, Nolan woke up with a big sore on his tongue. He was crying right when we woke up which isn't like him. We weren't sure what it was so decided to take him for a sick visit. The doctor said it wasn't hand foot and mouth but that it was stomatitis which is basically a doctor term for a canker sore.

The next few days were difficult for him and for us. Because of the pain, Nolan wasn't able to eat or drink well. He would try but then he would cry and cry. It was sad to see him in pain. We tried to keep him distracted but it was tough.

He was up much of the night on Saturday and Sunday. On Monday, Jeremy took a PTO day to stay home and help. We started to worry a bit when we were having a hard time getting fluids in him. Fortunately we were able to get him to drink. He's been on a liquid diet all week but is starting to improve.

This was our first time dealing with a toddler that was in pain and he exhibited behaviors we had never seen from him before. The meltdowns were a lot and it often took both of us to give him medicine. He watched a lot of TV this week but if that kept him comfortable and distracted it worked.

Capri sun juice boxes and the tiny straw seemed to be the one drink he wanted. I put some pedialyte in them instead sometimes so he could get some energy back. He would eat a little jello and ice cream but popsicles, milkshakes, smoothies, or yogurt didn't work. It was a lot of trial and error keeping him hydrated. 

On Wednesday, he started to turn a corner, and I think we are through the worst of it. Like anything new in parenting, this was a learning experience for us. 

I think this might have actually been hand foot and mouth disease since Eliza and I just got it too. Guess this is part of having small children. Hopefully we will all be back to normal so we can enjoy the weekend.

Sunday, July 2, 2017

Activities lately 

Warning- long post. I'm behind with blogging lately and wanted to catch up on what day to day life is like lately. I've been staying home a lot during the week for many reasons lately. First of all, it's summer in Georgia. It's very hot and humid lately. Second of all, it's not so easy getting all three of us out the door before it's time for her morning nap. A typical week day morning usually goes like this. Their current ages are 2 years and 2 months and 10 months.

Jeremy's alarm goes off at 6:10. He's up and out usually by 6:30-6:40. Eliza typically wakes up around 7-7:15 but it varies day to day. I nurse her and then let her play while I get myself dressed and ready for the day. Then the two of us and the dog go downstairs, and I make breakfast for the 3 of us. I change her diaper and take her pjs off. She can be a bit messy at times so I wait to put her outfit on for the day until after she eats.

I typically give them fruit, eggs, part of bagel, cereal, or yogurt. Eliza has transitioned to eating what we are eating as long as it's pretty soft and can be cut into small pieces which has made life easier than when I was spoon feeding her puréed food. She loves to self feed so once I get her in the high chair she's usually good to go unless she has a hard time picking something up. Once breakfast is prepped, I go get Nolan. He gets up between 8-8:30. He's always been a great 12 hour sleeper. Eliza's more of a 10-11 hour sleeper.

We have a little routine when I go get him. I open his blinds, turn off the sound machine, take his stuffed animals (he calls them his friends) out of his bed per his request, pick out an outfit, and then we head back downstairs. All three of us eat breakfast at 8:45-9 am. Eliza's a pretty quick eater. Nolan it depends on the day. Sometimes he's faster than others. If we are trying to get out the door I usually try to help him speed it along, and if we are staying home, he can take his time.

After the three of us eat breakfast, clean up, and I get them both dressed, it's usually about 9:30. Eliza typically naps at 10-10:30. If I want her to nap in her crib, that leaves a very small window to go out. Some days we go to the park just for 30-45 minutes so Nolan can play before it gets too hot, and then I come home and put her to bed if she didn't fall asleep in the car. 

Eliza's morning nap is sometimes short and sometimes longer. I like to spend her nap time doing a teaching activity with Nolan. If there's something I need to get done, I let him watch a show for a little while as she naps. At 11 she wakes up and I nurse her. We have play time for a little while and eat lunch around 12. It's pretty much the same routine as the morning. I prep the meals while they play, and we all eat together. At 12:30 we head upstairs, they play more, read books, and have a change of scenery from the toys downstairs. It's generally been too hot to play outside unless I do the kiddie pool or ball pit underneath our deck where we have some shade. 

I aim for both of them to nap at 2. Lately Eliza's been playing on the floor in Nolan's room while I read to him and he gets sleepy. She generally doesn't want to sit and read as long as he does but we do try to read together sometimes. Nolan helps put Eliza in her crib and then he walks into his bed. He knows that everyone in the family is resting now. Lately Eliza isn't tired until closer to 2:30-3 so she usually plays a little more after Nolan goes to sleep. I hope for a long nap from her but she's hit or miss. They are usually both up around 3:30-4. 

From 4-7 is our best time for an outing. We usually wait for Jeremy to get home around 4:45-5ish and go out as a family. We like to do the food trucks on Tuesdays, go out somewhere for dinner, or just go on a walk after dinner at home. Around 7, it's time for baths, new diapers, pajamas, and story time. We've been bathing them together and then each of us gets one of them dressed. Since I'm still nursing Eliza, I put her to bed and Jeremy generally puts Nolan to bed. Sometimes Nolan stays up, and I'll put them both down or he will ask for Mommy to snuggle with him after Jeremy reads to him. That's how our week days look lately. On the weekends we try to keep that routine too and Jeremy and I take turns running errands during the day/watching the kids. 

As you can see, there isn't a whole lot of free time between naps, nursing, feedings, and meeting all their needs. Both of them are at very demanding ages. I also want to take a minute to say I'm sorry that lately everything I do is a maybe. That's been an adjustment for me. Pre children, when I made plans, I was there. Lately, life with two small children close in age is very unpredictable. I can't always get out of the house quickly, and if I skip naps too often, I end up with cranky children which doesn't make for an enjoyable outing. This is just a stage in life for us, and I know we will get back to getting out more as their sleep needs change. For now, these babies needs are my focus, and we will get back to more of social life soon I hope! 

This often happens when I'm trying to get out the door. They both just want to stay home.

They're both usually happy when we do go to a friends. 

Nolan and his friend Mason.

Those top teeth broke through this week which made for a lot of crying and interrupted sleep. Poor girl.

He loves books.

He likes to try and change the dolls diaper when he see me changing Eliza's diaper. It's pretty cute.

The size 6 diaper of his is a little too big for this doll haha.

Weekend walks on the trail behind our house.

Our next door neighbors pool opened this weekend. Nolan had a blast aside from the time he fell off the float. He said he got lost in the water. Fortunately he had his floaty on and the big kids and Jeremy got him back to shallow water. I'm glad he's starting to be comfortable in the water and enjoying the pool so that he will hopefully be ready for formal swim lessons soon. The pool right now is pretty stressful since we have two who aren't independent swimmers. We have to keep our eyes and hands on them at all times. 

Eliza did well sitting in the shallow end and didn't cry this time!

Pool time with Daddy

More soon!

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