Friday, June 16, 2017

Weekly update 

This week went by pretty quickly. Eliza has been full of smiles but fussy at times as her top tooth just broke through today. She's been doing pretty well eating what we are lately which has been nice. Eliza loves to babble and "talks" a lot. Her only word is still ma ma but we've been working on da da!

She loves her doll and her stroller lately. She's pulling up and tracking along everything. I love watching her master new skills.

She's also loving the water table and splashing in the water.

It's fun seeing them start to play more together.

Love these snuggles.

Dinner at Jim and Nicks 

My friend Brittney was in town from Dallas so I met her at the zoo. This was my first bigger outing with both of them myself, and it went pretty well.

A mix of the double stroller and wearing Eliza worked out. Libba and Eliza are just 6 days apart.

We have a quiet Father's Day weekend which we are all looking forward to. Just the 4 of us spending time together. Hope all the Dad out there including my husband and my Dad have a nice Father's Day! 

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