Monday, June 12, 2017

Weekly update

Having two mobile babies has definitely decreased my ability to take photos and blog as frequently! Here are some recent pictures and updates. Last week we had a play date with Liz, Micah, and baby Noelle. They are moving to Dallas in a couple weeks, and we are sad to see them go but also excited for them! We wish them a smooth move and much happiness back in Dallas!

Micah was playing really sweet with Eliza. Love how he would make her laugh.

This was the best we could get of all the kids and Liz. I've learned to lower my expectations with posed pictures with toddlers and babies!

Ball pit fun

Eliza's been pulling up and tracking around objects. She follows me around the house much of the day saying mama.

Friday night we met some friends at the park. This is a group of Jeremy's college friends, their significant others, and their children. It was a going away gathering for one of the families.

On Saturday we had a pretty low key day. I think the four of us all needed a quiet day.

On Sunday morning, I met some friends for brunch while Jeremy and his Mom watched the kids.

Today we had our Monday morning play group. It's always nice to see other Moms with little ones similar to Nolan and Eliza. The kids and the Moms get to socialize which is great for everyone.

Lastly, I want to congratulate my good friend Laurel and her husband Rob on the addition of their little boy last week. Welcome to the world James! We can't wait to meet you!

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