Friday, June 2, 2017

Weekly update

Tuesday night we had dinner at Bonefish grill with my parents before my Dad left on Wednesday. We had a great visit, and our little ones behaved really well at dinner and through out the weekend.

Love this candid one Jeremy caught.

Eliza is pulling up on everything, getting into cabinets, and starting to track around objects. She's also been taking steps while pushing her baby stroller. She loves to look in the mirror too.

Love when she sleeps like this.

Those little toes and feet. Going to miss them. 

Nolan and I went to the Smyrna Library and went on a walk around the pond. He loves the ducks.

When the geese or ducks make a sound, he likes to say, "The ducks are talking to Nolan."

Sitting with the duck 

We found a fire truck too. 

When did he get so grown up?

Exploring at the library

Yesterday was 7 years since Jeremy and I had our first conversation. 6/1/10 was a very special day. I'm thankful I get to share my life with him. It's hard to believe it's been that long and that we have two children now. More soon!

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