Saturday, June 3, 2017

Challenging week

The other day I was catching up on some of my friend's blogs, and one of them was really relateable to me right now. Click here to read it.   I love how she writes about the real stuff too. I think it's important we share our successes as parents as well as our challenges.

I try to keep my blog positive and not sound like a Debbie downer but amid all the fun things we have been doing lately, I have been struggling a bit too. Parenting has many wonderful moments but man it can be hard too. I've written about a few tough weeks before, and this one was another one. 

After a family filled three day weekend, I felt exhausted and not ready for the work week. I usually try and take care of the grocery shopping, the laundry, and other chores while I have Jeremy's help on the weekend so that I can focus on taking care of the kids and myself during the week. On Wednesday, I came down with a fever and got a cold sore. I get these sores very frequently but this one made it tough to eat or to talk without having pain. I also got a milk blister/bleb from nursing. Man are those painful. This was the second one I've had in a few weeks, and I think it's being caused by the friction of her bottom teeth while she nurses. I usually have a pretty good pain tolerance but it hurt so much to feed her it had me in tears. 

On Thursday, I continued to feel ill and the pain nursing was excruciating. Since the milk has to come out, I've just had to power through. I did hand express some milk in order to avoid nursing and also tried numbing it with ice before feeding her. I had such anxiety leading up to a feeding. I was able to skip a feeding on the injured side and feed her from the other side to try and let it heal more. I really do like nursing 80% of the time but that other 20% of the time it can be very tough.

By Friday, I asked Jeremy if he could work from home. My body was completely run down, and I didn't think I could take care of both of them myself. He was a huge help, and I was able to rest a bit and try to tend to myself. I often find that I'm giving everything to these two little humans that I forget to take care of myself. These physical problems were a reminder that I need to slow down and that I can't keep up with everything I used to keep up with. I am hoping some more rest the next two days will help me feel back to normal soon. 

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  1. Oh man girl! I'm so sorry. It's so hard to take time for yourself and not get rundown. Thankful for your sweet husband!!


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