Monday, June 5, 2017

Eliza 9 months 

Weight/height: 17lbs would be my guess and 27in. We have her 9 month well visit on Wednesday and will update those stats.
Hair: It is light brown and getting a little longer. It forms a little mohawk in the middle.
Eyes: They are light blue.
Clothes: 6 month is starting to get small but does still fit. 9 month is starting to fit well.
Diapers: size 3. I think we will be in these for a while.
Sleeping: Eliza's sleep is starting to improve. She is down to two naps now. One is usually longer 1.5-2 hours and one is a little shorter 1-1.5 hours. Sometimes she will only nap 30-45 min. She's usually nursing once overnight but she has had a few nights where she slept through. Recently she slept 8-7 without waking up! She's slept through the night (11ish hours) the past three nights. I'm hopeful this good sleep keeps up now that we are through the many different changes babies go through during their first year of life. (Rolling over, sitting up, standing/tracking)
Likes: being held, rides in stroller, pulling up and walking around objects, being smiled and interacted with, watching her brother
Dislikes: car rides (she still cries every time you initially put her in the car seat) but she's gotten a bit better in the car recently, being hungry, when she can't see someone, getting a toy she's playing with taken away
Eating: She is breastfed every 3-4 hours. She has always been a bit of a challenge as far as feeding goes. She gets distracted easily if nursing in a location where there are noises and people around. Typically nurses 5 min a side, and she's finished. She drinks bottles well now but I mainly just nurse her. She has really improved with self feeding this month and preferences small pieces of food over purées. I give her solids 3 times a day now usually about 30 min to an hour after nursing.
Milestones/activities: she's switched from army crawling to crawling on her hands and knees this month, mastered pulling up and tracking, she gets up and down easily, taking steps while holding onto he baby stroller, eating three solid meals a day now

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