Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Summer fun

We ran into our old neighbor Micah.

Very excited about going inside the firetruck.

Nolan's still been a bit nervous at first with the pool but warms up to it now and enjoys the pool.

Eliza and Knox playing on our neighbor's front porch.

They did well riding in the shopping cart together.

Making smoothies together!

Playing with ponies with Frankie!

Swinging together

When you ask your toddler to get a tissue, and he comes back with the entire roll of toilet paper.

Making meatballs with play dough!

Monday, June 26, 2017


Since adding a new home and a second baby into the mix, I've had to do some adjusting with our lifestyle. I think we were able to maintain our pre child life pretty well with one child. We still traveled a decent amount, we brought our one baby with us to events with family and friends, and I still had some breaks through out the day when Nolan was sleeping. Once Eliza joined our family, I found the dynamic changed a lot. I remembered people telling me going from one child to two children was a big adjustment but I didn't really understand what they meant until I experienced it.

I've found learning to split my attention a bit challenging. After being used to giving your first your undivided attention, it's taken time for me to balance each of their needs and who to address first.

Learning to balance two nap schedules and differing sleep needs was new as well. There are also two feeding schedules to manage. Double car seats, double diapers, double snacks, etc. While life with children is very busy and eventful, I am starting to feel like we are through the toughest stage of having two close in age. I'm feeling a little less sleep deprived at times and having a little more energy. Nursing has been better lately, and I'm starting to feel more comfortable doing things with both of them myself. I think part of it is that Nolan is a little more self sufficient and able to do things himself easier.

I'm starting to see how neat I think it will be having two kids close in age. I love that they are at somewhat similar developmental stages. I'm also trying to remind myself to let go of more and just enjoy this time. I already see their baby stage ending, and right now my priority is my babies. In the mornings before Nolan wakes up, I try to get in some extra snuggles with Eliza. When Eliza is napping, I get in some one on one time with Nolan. This is likely my last year home with both of them, and I want to make the most of it. 

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Nolan 26 months

Today Nolan is two years old and two months. It still makes me a little bit sad that after 24 months we usually stop counting months and just say he's 2. The 22nd of the month still is a special day for me because that was the day we always took his monthly pictures and when we documented all those precious first milestones. Here we are two plus years later, and I still find myself in awe of the things he is learning, and the little boy he is becoming.

As our first child, we are going through this parenting journey with him for the first time. Each stage of his life is new to us and presents us with challenges and situations we've never faced before. Sometimes it feels like Nolan is teaching us just as much as we are teaching him. He has his toddler moments but overall is such an easy going, sweet boy.

Lately Nolan is very into imaginary play and his language has continued to grow. It feels like he went from very basic three to four word sentences to full conversations in just a few weeks. I am really enjoying being able to have conversations with him and when I ask him a question, he is starting to respond with a reasonable or correct answer. For example, I will ask him, "What are you building with your Mega Bloks? (big legos) and he will reply, "I'm making a big big popsicle." After watching Frozen for the first time the other day, he told me he was building Olaf the Snowman with his blocks too. He enjoys playing in his kitchen and cooking all sorts of things. Lately he has been making soup and all sorts of meals. He has a play kitchen grill too and likes to grill like Daddy does.

He loves books, playing at his water table, sliding in his ball pit, exploring outside, visiting the zoo, eating, and sleeping. He is a great predictable sleeper and has transitioned to his toddler bed really well. I'm glad to report that he typically goes into his big boy bed at naps and at bedtime without a problem and doesn't come out. He likes sleeping with his friends (Elmo, Cookie Monster, Curious George, and baby blue bear that was my bear as a child). He also has a special blue blanket that he likes us to tuck him in with before we leave his room. We still use a sound machine with him mainly to block out any crying his sister might do during the night.

He continues to want to do things for himself like feeding, getting his milk cup from the fridge, throwing things in the trash, cleaning up toys, trying to dress himself and taking his shoes off. He is definitely getting more independent with certain tasks but still needs help with other things. We've continued to encourage the potty but he doesn't seem interested and ready. From what friends and our pediatrician have told me, it's easier to potty train once they are really ready and self motivated instead of being pushed by the parent. Maybe if he was my old child I would be trying a little harder but right now we still have enough on our plates that potty training isn't really on my radar. That will just be another major transition for me when we are out in public so for now the diapers are working. I definitely look forward to not having two in diapers but it also doesn't really bother me changing both of them.

I usually spend Eliza's morning nap time working with him one on one doing some preschool type activities. Sometimes we color, play with play dough, read books, or do letter or number games. The teacher in me loves to be able to teach and interact with him. I need to start writing down some of the things he says. Jeremy and I both find ourselves laughing by the things he says and does. He's generally a pretty good big brother but he does get frustrated by his sister getting into his toys. I'm starting to see more moments of them playing nicely together and making each other giggle. Sometimes when she's crawling he will crawl after here and they both crack up. Two little smiles and laughs makes all the sleepless nights and handwork worth it. Can't wait to see what this next month brings.

Monday, June 19, 2017

Father's Day 2017

This year we spent Father's Day spending time just the 4 of us. It was really nice to have a quiet weekend and spend time together. Lately, I find we are very tired during the week so it's great to have time together when we are a bit more rested and not going different places each day. 

I love these photos of Jeremy and our kids. I feel very fortunate that they have a father who is able to be a part of all their firsts and who is very involved in their lives. He does a wonderful job managing and balancing his family life and his career. 

We cooked dinner together and then went on a family outing to Dairy Queen. This was Nolan's first time having an ice cream cone with sprinkles, and he was super excited about it! See his reaction below. 

The four of us played at home, went on walk together, and we had a great day relaxing before the start of a new week.

Friday, June 16, 2017

Weekly update 

This week went by pretty quickly. Eliza has been full of smiles but fussy at times as her top tooth just broke through today. She's been doing pretty well eating what we are lately which has been nice. Eliza loves to babble and "talks" a lot. Her only word is still ma ma but we've been working on da da!

She loves her doll and her stroller lately. She's pulling up and tracking along everything. I love watching her master new skills.

She's also loving the water table and splashing in the water.

It's fun seeing them start to play more together.

Love these snuggles.

Dinner at Jim and Nicks 

My friend Brittney was in town from Dallas so I met her at the zoo. This was my first bigger outing with both of them myself, and it went pretty well.

A mix of the double stroller and wearing Eliza worked out. Libba and Eliza are just 6 days apart.

We have a quiet Father's Day weekend which we are all looking forward to. Just the 4 of us spending time together. Hope all the Dad out there including my husband and my Dad have a nice Father's Day! 

Monday, June 12, 2017

Weekly update

Having two mobile babies has definitely decreased my ability to take photos and blog as frequently! Here are some recent pictures and updates. Last week we had a play date with Liz, Micah, and baby Noelle. They are moving to Dallas in a couple weeks, and we are sad to see them go but also excited for them! We wish them a smooth move and much happiness back in Dallas!

Micah was playing really sweet with Eliza. Love how he would make her laugh.

This was the best we could get of all the kids and Liz. I've learned to lower my expectations with posed pictures with toddlers and babies!

Ball pit fun

Eliza's been pulling up and tracking around objects. She follows me around the house much of the day saying mama.

Friday night we met some friends at the park. This is a group of Jeremy's college friends, their significant others, and their children. It was a going away gathering for one of the families.

On Saturday we had a pretty low key day. I think the four of us all needed a quiet day.

On Sunday morning, I met some friends for brunch while Jeremy and his Mom watched the kids.

Today we had our Monday morning play group. It's always nice to see other Moms with little ones similar to Nolan and Eliza. The kids and the Moms get to socialize which is great for everyone.

Lastly, I want to congratulate my good friend Laurel and her husband Rob on the addition of their little boy last week. Welcome to the world James! We can't wait to meet you!

Friday, June 9, 2017

Experience is the best teacher 

I'm happy to share we've all had a much better week and weekend. I'm starting to feel back to 100%, and the babies have been behaving pretty well.  

It's amazing how this parenting journey is full of many ups and downs. Just when you feel like you've hit a breaking point, things improve, the smiles return, and you realize why you wanted to become a parent in the first place. Over the past two years of being a Mom, I've learned that experience is the best teacher. Experiencing new challenges and being pushed further than you've been pushed before makes you stronger once you get through the situation.

Hopefully we will all have a good week. Lastly, I want to wish my brother and his family a smooth move from Philadelphia to Vermont this week.

Thursday, June 8, 2017

Eliza's 9 month well visit 

Eliza's well visit went well. She's 16lbs 9oz which is 22nd percentile for weight and 27 inches which is 25th percentile. Head circumference was 16th percentile. She's still tiny all around but growing and healthy. I was a little concerned she only gained 3oz in a month but her pediatrician was fine with her small gain. She did grow an inch this month. It's been difference for me having a tiny baby since Nolan was alway a big baby but it is a good reminder than you really can't compare your children. They are all different and unique in their own ways.

She always seems happy on the scale.

Not so happy when she gets measured.

Waiting for the dr and playing with the paper.

Pulling up on everything. Only one vaccine today.

Passed out after the car ride home.

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