Saturday, April 8, 2017

Our airport adventure

What a day we had yesterday. My morning started at 4:45am when Eliza woke up to nurse. By the time I got her back to sleep, it was too late to fall back to sleep since our alarms were set for 6:30. I got myself ready and finished packing our bags before waking Nolan and Eliza up. At 7:15 we woke both of them, fed both of them, and loaded them into their car seats. We left the house at 7:45 so that we would arrive at the airport at 8:15 for our 10:30 flight. We wanted to be at check in by 8:30. We parked in the on sight parking so we could just walk in. I pushed the double stroller with the kids, and Jeremy pushed a cart with our suitcase and Nolan's car seat. 
Here we are almost to check in.

When we got inside, the lines were incredibly long. I panicked for a second. Would we make it through the bag check line and the security line? Fortunately I had printed our boarding passes at home and had already added each child to our laps on our ticket. We checked the bags outside at the curb which saved a lot of time and proceeded to security.
The lines for security were pretty long. Nolan and Eliza were very patient and well behaved. Getting all our stuff on the machines was a struggle.  I held Nolan and Eliza while Jeremy folded up the stroller, put the car seat up, our two carry ons and the rest of our belongs into the X-ray machine. After getting our shoes back on and the kids back in the stroller and the car seat, I felt a sense of relief. I was the most nervous about that part. While it was tricky and stressful, they behaved pretty well and we were on our way to the gate! We checked the boards and our flight was on time. We took the train to the B terminal.
We got to our gate at 9:30. Just enough time to nurse Eliza and change her diaper before boarding. Nolan enjoyed watching the planes. Things were going pretty well at this point.
Love that the Atlanta airport has these nursing and pumping pods. Great to see nursing and pumping mothers being supported. It was nice having a quiet, private spot to nurse in a busy airport.
Inside the nursing pod.
 Just wanted to spread the word about these. Good option if you want some privacy. Eliza is easily distracted while nursing lately so this was a good option for us.
Eliza fell asleep waiting to board.
Sleepy girl
At this point, it was 10:30am our departure time. The signs were still reading on time. Next it changed to delayed until 11. Then it changed to delayed until 12:30. We gathered our stuff and went to pick up lunch. When we got back to the gate from lunch, we found out the flight was cancelled. 

We went to the Delta desk and they rebooked us from the following day at 6:15pm. This was when I realized our travel plans weren't going to happen. 
We had checked a bag and Nolan's car seat. They advised us to go to baggage services where we found a line that wasn't moving.
At this point, we decided our best option was for Jeremy and Eliza to go back to the car, drive home, and get Nolan our other car seat. Nolan and I waited while they did that which took about 2 hours.
Nolan behaved really well and watched a show on my lap while I called to cancel our hotel and rental car. He was getting very sleepy at this point. At 3pm, Jeremy was back and we were able to head home just missing our luggage. 

We tried calling and hold times were two-three hours long. We were able to check our bag status online which was showing our stuff was on a plane to Newark. Today I was able to get a person, and hopefully our belongings will be on a plane back to Atlanta tomorrow. 

This morning when I woke up, it really hit me that we were missing such a special weekend with our family and friends. I had been planning this for months, and the disappointment set in. It was an unfortunate situation, and I'm sad we weren't able to make memories back home. I feel like it's a sign that we aren't meant to travel right now. This is the third trip in three months that didn't go as planned. I think it's best that we stay home for now. We will get back into traveling once our little ones are a bit older. 

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