Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Eliza 7 month update

Weight/height: 16lbs 27in would be my guess. 

Hair: It is light brown and fuzzy. Her new hair is getting longer. All her newborn hair has fallen out. Her small bald spot in the back middle part of her head is starting to fill in. 

Eyes: They are light blue.

Clothes: 6 month 

Diapers: size 3. She could probably still fit in 2s but 3s seem best. 

Sleeping: Eliza is not the best sleeper, and I'm still not a cry it out fan. She is still unpredictable with her naps and overnight sleep. I'm starting to see some improvement though. We are in between the two and three nap stage. If she takes two longer ones, she is fine with two naps. If she takes two shorter naps, she usually still needs a third cat nap in the early evening. She's sleeping in her crib in a sleep sac now. Usually nursing once overnight. I am noticing some separation anxiety when I put her in the crib and walk away. She's starting to be able to put herself to sleep better and starting to prefer sleeping on her belly.

Likes:  being held for naps, being carried on your hip or in a carrier, her jumper, rides in the stroller (we've started using the stroller without the car seat sometimes now) rolling over, sitting up, baths, kicking her feet, being smiled and interacted with, her brother 

Dislikes: car rides, being hungry, when she can't see someone, getting a toy she's playing with taken away 

Eating: She is breastfed every 3-4 hours. She has always been a bit of a challenge as far as feeding goes. Eliza has always preferred shorter more frequent meals than full nursing sessions. She gets distracted easily if nursing in a location where there are noises and people around. She had taken a few bottles this month which was exciting. She started off well with solids but isn't super interested. She's been pushing the food back out with her tongue or just keeping her mouth closed. We've tried some finger foods but she prefers playing with the Cheerios or Puffs instead of putting them in her mouth. 

Milestones/activities: sitting up without assistance, attempting to crawl by rocking on her hands and knees, pushes herself forwards and backwards, does planks/baby yoga, rolls across rooms, sleeps in different positions (rolls to her side or to her belly and back), moves around her crib. 

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