Sunday, April 30, 2017

Sibling firsts

These two took their first bath together. Nolan is loving the color tablets to change the color of his water. Eliza is doing well sitting up and playing in the water. 
First time in a double shopping cart
Playing through the pack and play 
Shopping with Mom 
She's gotten a little better about going places in her car seat.  
Playing with her new activity cube.
Nolan is enjoying letters and building words.
He's also into coloring lately.
These two can be pretty cute in the mornings.
We tried a helmet but he wanted to take it off. We will keep trying.
First time riding his scooter from Grammy.
Eliza's all over the place and took a bath in the dog's water bowl this week. 
She likes checking out Nolan's toys.

They can have some really adorable moments but there are also a lot of crying moments. Nolan's starting to get annoyed with her when she takes his toys. We have been working on sharing and trying not to hit or sit on baby sister. I do notice her starting to get tougher. She doesn't cry as easily when he does something to her. He likes to take toys out of her hand too. I'm wondering once she can actually play if they will enjoy playing with each other. Right now she's in an in between stage where she just messes up what he is working on. It will be interesting to see. I enjoy watching their sibling relationship and hope they will learn to love each other.

4th anniversary

On our anniversary on Thursday, we went out to Yard House and to check out the Battery which is the area where the new Braves stadium is. Our house is only 10 minutes away from the new stadium and all the new shops and restaurants. We had planned to try a new restaurant in Buckhead but traffic made us change our plans. 
Celebrating 4 years of marriage
Glad we got to go out for a little while.
Our waitor surprised us with this on the house.
Happy Anniversary to my husband. Hard to believe it's been 4 years already. It's amazing how much has changed in that time frame. Looking back, life was so simple then when it was just the two of us. Fast forward a few years and two children later, things are busier and more chaotic but there's even more love in our house. While this year might have been one of the most challenging, I'm really proud of how we've navigated having two babies in less than two years. We've learned a lot and both work really hard to make our lives and our children's lives the best that we can. 

Friday, April 28, 2017

2 year well visit

On Wednesday, we had Nolan's two year well visit. All went well. He is a healthy growing boy meeting his growth and developmental milestones. We filled out a form about his social, emotional, and academic growth, and I really haven't had any concerns with anything besides a bit of behavior. The behavior seems to come with the age though. I have definitely noticed a change in him since turning two. He's wanting to be more independent, says no more frequently, says I don't like it or I don't want to more often, and generally is just testing us more. We understand this is part of having a two year old, and we are realizing that it is called terrible twos for a reason. I find his behavior with other people like my family or neighbors better than with Jeremy and me or his sister. I definitely see my first born growing up into a little boy. We love him lots, and I can't wait to see what this year has in store for him.
Waiting for the nurse with his sister.
Not a fan of being measured. 
Wasn't a fan of the big boy scale this time.
Back to the baby scale one more time. He is 30lbs 3oz and 85th percentile for weight. He's always been on the higher end but is thinning out as he gets taller.
Last time he will fit in the measuring box. He is 35in and 65th percentile for height. Almost three feet tall!
Nolan and me waiting for the doctor.
He loves letters so this rug kept him busy for a bit while we waited.
Such a big boy 
Finally a smile. He's been pretty crabby lately since he hasn't been sleeping well in his toddler bed.
Sound asleep in my arms. Love that he will still snuggle and fall asleep in my arms.

I will say I'm loving certain things about his current age but there are also things I'm not a huge fan of. I really enjoy all the talking, learning, and pretend play. He will read and do letters for hours. I love that he wants to learn and plays nicely independently and with me. Playing with his sister and other children is hit or miss. There's more temper tantrums lately, more fits getting dressed and changing his diaper, and more resistance as a whole but all in all he is still a pretty sweet, easy going boy. I'm hoping he starts to like his toddler bed soon. This transition hasn't been the easiest on any of us. More soon!

Monday, April 24, 2017

Nolan's 2nd birthday party

Toddler bed

I had just taken this picture last Wednesday when I put Nolan down for his nap. I was thinking how tall he's gotten and it made me wonder if and when he might try to climb out of his crib. He never had shown signs of climbing out and has slept in his crib through the night pretty much since he was 9 months old. We've been very thankful he's been a wonderful, reliable sleeper, while we dealt with a newborn and now a teething baby that isn't sleeping well. This all changed on Thursday during nap time.

It was two days before his second birthday. I had recently been thinking about when we would need to switch to a toddler bed from a crib but haven't felt ready for the freedom of that. Does anyone ever really feel ready for that? It's a pretty big milestone in my book. I had hoped he would stay in until closer to 2.5-3 years old but also had friends with children who climbed out and transitioned sooner. It was possible but not my sweet boy right? 

Nolan started resisting nap time a little more lately. After two attempts to get him in the crib, I put him in and walked back to the baby monitor. He had stood up and started crying, and before I could get back to his room he had climbed out and fell. It was one of those moments where as a parent your heart drops a little and you run and hope your child isn't seriously hurt. He was crying and scared but fortunately okay. A bump on his head and some snuggles later, Nolan skipped a nap that day.
Some snuggles and ice helped. He was back to his normal self shortly after. I spent the rest of the day realizing my days of Nolan being in a crib were ending.

Later that night, we decided we didn't want to risk him climbing out again and getting hurt. I had Jeremy switch his crib to the big boy bed version with the toddler rail. Enter freedom now. We talked up the big boy bed and tried to get him excited by putting in a special blanket and some of his favorite stuffed animals. He seemed excited about it at first. The first night he fell asleep in my arms, I put him in it, and he went right to sleep. I didn't sleep well expecting that he might come running in. I was pleasantly surprised he slept through the night. This made me optimistic maybe this transition would go smoothly. I thought that a little too soon.
Jeremy setting it up.
Seems excited 
Start of the night
Moving around but stayed in.
Woke up happy 

Night 2
Moving around 
And more moving around. 

Friday night went well as well. We read, he got sleepy, he climbed in himself, and once again slept through the night. Easy right? I was impressed. Maybe this was going to go well. Saturday and Sunday night things changed.

We celebrated his birthday on Saturday. He did well for his nap. Bedtime was another story. I attributed the struggles to him being overtired and having had ice cream and a cupcake. We had such a hard time getting him down. He kept asking for his crib. We kept trying to encourage the big boy bed. Finally we got him in it around 11pm. We were exhausted. He woke up in middle of the night crying and we had to get him back down. Nothing worked until we laid the mattress on the floor and I laid with him until he fell asleep. He kept saying, I don't like big boy bed. I don't want to.
Only way we could get him to sleep. We've been doing our best to try and keep him safe while also not starting the habit of him sleeping with us.

He made it until Sunday morning, when he came running to our room upset when he woke up. Sunday nap time went well, Jeremy got him in well. He has really been sending mixed signals. Sunday night the problems started up again. We both tried and tried to get him to go in his big boy bed and he kept following either of us out when we walked out of the room. 

We got him down around 10:30 and he woke up and came running into our room at 12:30. I was able to comfort him and get him back down. He woke up again shortly after and just wanted to be held by me. He was even resisting Jeremy. My sweet boy needs sleep and so do his parents. On Saturday they were both up so each of us were dealing with one of them. Last night Eliza did well thankfully. I can handle one bad sleeper but two is a different story. They are both unpredictable with their sleep but we will keep working at it. Just like with any transition we are trying to keep a patient approach when it feels frustrating to us. We want him to feel safe and that we are there for him. Hopefully some more practice and he will get it.

I'm sharing this because I want to remember it, and I also hope other parents can relate to this crib to toddler bed transition. We may try the traffic light thing soon and see if that helps him stay in the bed. The baby gate at the top of the stairs makes me feel better about potential wandering. Some people have mentioned using a baby gate at his door but I am afraid that will leave him crying in his room and waking his sister. If anyone has any tips on making this transition smoother I am all ears. We are looking forward to talking to Nolan's pediatrician on Wednesday about strategies as well. All kids are different so it can be tough to know how to manage new situations like this. All we can do is our best to keep him comforted and safe. He will get it soon enough I hope.

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