Friday, March 31, 2017

Two mobile little ones

After a busy weekend, we stayed home a bunch this week. At their current ages (23 months and 6 months) I've found it a bit challenging managing them both out in public for too long by myself. We do still go out, I have just learned to attempt less, and I think all three of us are happier. I've always been a planner and one who likes to go out often, however, right now, I'm really enjoying my days at home a little more than the days we go out. It's nice not to be on a set schedule and just plan the day as we go. 
Eliza is a very happy baby lately during the day. Lots of smiles and giggles. She's very active and busy. She's much more motivated to move and sit up than Nolan was. 
Last weekend, she started getting up on her hands and knees and rocking back and forth. She hasn't gotten it yet and often just falls forward but she seems to be getting close to crawling. This feels early to me but I'm excited that she's reaching another milestone. She also rolls all over the place. Glad the house is already baby proofed.
Here she is doing her baby yoga. I think she does a plank better than I do. 
This was Nolan and me waiting for our photography session to start.
Nolan is really enjoying lining things up and organizing things. He lines up letters, farm animals, blocks, etc. He also likes stacking his books into tall towers. He also enjoys playing with rocks outside.
Eliza tried a puff for the first time. She preferred holding them instead of eating them.
Nolan was being silly and playing with a sticker I gave him.
This week, he's had some moments where he melted down when he doesn't get his way. I'm noticing as he approaches two that he is wanting to do even more things by himself. He wants to eat his meals with a fork and spoon without help. It's fun to see him become more independent but also requires patience at times. Here he is protesting coming inside. 
Eliza is sitting up independently for longer periods of time now. She's been playing nicely by herself and with her brother. I love watching their relationship develop. 
There's lots of smiles and laughs from him too. He keeps me laughing with the things he says. I'm really enjoying all the talking. More soon!

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Pink Blush dress for family photos

Pictures have always been incredibly important to me. I think photos are the best way to preserve special moments in life. Videos are wonderful too but I just love being able to print photos and enjoy them in my home or in photo books. I absolutely love capturing special memories so that I can look back and relive them. Whether it was an engagement session or a family session, what to wear is something that I have found a bit stressful. I'm really glad I came across Pink Blush as I've found a dress I loved for both my baby shower and our recent family photo session. See the dress here. It comes in a few colors as well.

The bell sleeves add some character to the dress.

To see more dresses and clothing options check out prettyinpinkblush 

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Pink Blush maternity and nursing dress

As I mentioned in a previous post, I've partnered with Pink Blush. They've sent me a couple dresses to review so here is the first one. See the pregnancy and nursing dress here. I love that this style maxi dress is easy to nurse in while also having short sleeves. You can dress it up with a necklace and an open cardigan, or you can wear it as is with a cute pair of sandals, flats, or a pair of booties. It's stretchy and comfortably which allows you to wear it during pregnancy as well as post pregnancy. It's perfect for spring weather as the material is cool and comfortable. See the link for more details about the dress.

I loved sitting outside on the patio in this dress on a spring day. I added a navy open cardigan in the morning when it was cooler out and took it off later on as it warmed up. I wore it all day to two different birthday parties and was cool and comfortable while taking care of my little ones.

Eliza and I are coordinating in navy and white.

I'm really liking the solid color on the top and the pattern on the bottom.

Loving that I can easily breastfeed in this dress! As a Mom of multiple children now, it's important that I'm able to nurse easily on the go. This dress has been great for that.

The length is perfect as well! I'm 5'8 and often longer dresses can be too short. I highly recommend this dress to soon to be Moms and new Moms. Please visit Pink Blush on their website to see even more options for all different occasions. There are some beautiful dresses to meet all of your style needs. There are lots of colors and designs that could work well for baby showers, family photos, or just everyday wear. They often run discounts so be sure to check back on the website for a percentage off, and the sale section also has affordable options. shoppinkblush

Sunday, March 26, 2017

Weekly update

This week was much better than last week. Since we didn't travel to the wedding, we had Monday to rest and recover more. I was starting to feel better but my cold was still lingering.
Eliza has been much happier and less fussy during the day when playing. Bedtime and overnight can be a challenge still. She's nursing better when she's going down for naps and bedtime but still wakes up pretty easily and frequently.
She isn't the easiest baby to run errands with. Both outings we had this week she pooped in the car seat and cried in the car. I even nursed her in the car in the parking lot in hopes of a car ride without crying. Not successful and now I understand how some babies don't like the car or car seat. She's definitely not a fan.
Baby play date. Noelle is 3 months and Eliza is 6 months.
Toddler play date Micah is almost three and Nolan is almost two. Always love seeing Liz and her little ones.
Our neighbors got this giant inflatable slide for their daughter's fifth birthday party. The company dropped it off a day early so we got to play on it Friday night as well as Saturday at the party. Nolan was nervous at first but once he went up the ladder with Daddy, he was fine on his own. 
First time climbing the ladder himself. Such a big boy. I was proud of him, and he continues to surprise me by all the new skills he can do now independently. My baby boy is definitely growing up.
He liked going down feet first on his belly.
He had fun getting off the slide too and kept going over and over. The older kids were helpful and patient with him.
Frankie's hula themed 5th birthday party.
The girls dressed up.
We had a second birthday party as well today for our friend Nolan. 
Tiffany, Ryan, and their Nolan.
Such a cute cake and train themed party.
My sweet little family enjoying the party.
Nice weather for her GT dress.
Love these sweet smiles at Daddy.
Mom and daughter picture. More soon!

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Nolan 23 month update

Weight/height: not sure and no doctor visit.  Definitely getting taller and heavier. We have his 2 year appointment next month. 

Hair: It is light brown. He has a little swirl type spot in the back and a cowlick. 

Eyes: They are light blue.

Clothes: Mainly 2T but some 3T is starting to fit

Diapers: size 5

Sleeping: Nolan continues to be a great sleeper! He typically sleeps 8:30pm-8:30am with a two hour nap from 1:30-3:30 or 2-4. He doesn't usually cry before naps or bedtime. Sometimes his nap is a little shorter or a little longer depending on how tired his is from the morning. He still loves his crib, and we plan to keep him there as long as he's happy. He hasn't tried to climb out.

Likes: reading, learning, puzzles, playing in his play kitchen, his slide, organizing/sorting/lining things, playing outside, walks in the stroller, Daniel Tiger, Sesame Street, eating especially when using a fork or spoon to eat, Mega Bloks (bigger Legos), his little sister, when people praise him

Dislikes: getting his face and hands cleaned before or after eating, getting his teeth brushed and flossed, getting his diaper changed and getting dressed (sometimes he doesn't mind but when he's playing he doesn't like being interrupted) walking after getting out of the car (he prefers that one of us carry him) leaving a play date, when you take something away that he wants or shut off the tv

Eating: Nolan has continued to be a great eater for a toddler. He still isn't a fan of green veggies. He likes to mix his food together or dip his fruit in yogurt or applesauce. He likes cereal and milk and has mastered using the spoon pretty well. Lately he has really started to understand what snacks and treats are. Nolan will open the panty door and ask for a snack. Goldfish, graham crackers, and peanut butter crackers are his favorite snacks. We still try to limit sweets but he does get a cookie at the grocery store since Publix gives those out for free. He often says oh yummy or delicious when he likes something. Recently he also said spicy when he tried some buffalo chicken. We didn't realize he knew that, and it surprised us. 

Milestones/activities: Nolan is a little sponge lately and repeating lots of words. His communication with us over the past month has been amazing to watch. He's saying three and four word sentences. Some of the sentences he likes to say are, "Letter game up high, mommy get it." He's starting to refer to himself as Nolan which usually sounds more like Nonat. He's pronouncing people's names much more clearly too. 

Nolan's learned most of his letters. He seems more interested in reading than math but does like to count too. Not quite there yet but we practice counting to ten and beyond often. He still could read all day long. He's started memorize words in his books. I'll often leave off the last word of sentence and he will read it to me. For example, the sentence will say, Bear lost his bunny in the forest. If I just say Bear lost his bunny in the...Nolan will say forest. I feel lucky to have a little reader and a boy with a long attention span. He can identify basic shapes (circle, triangle, square, star, and oval). He can say most color basic color words (red, yellow, blue, green, purple, orange) and is getting more consistent when identifying them. 

We have been practicing lots of two year old skills. He can walk backwards and forwards. He goes up and down stairs pretty easily now, throws and kicks a ball, and runs pretty well. We've started to work on riding his tricycle but he isn't quite there yet. 

His challenges continue to be sharing mainly with kids his age. He's usually great about sharing with adults. Play dates with his toys can be tough sometimes. He can be very happy one minute and cranky and melting down another. Meltdowns often happen when I ask him to walk down the stairs or hold my hand and walk. He will ask to be carried. One day will be the last time I pick him up and carry him so I try to do it when I can. :) 

Sunday, March 19, 2017

Tough week

This week was one of my tougher weeks since becoming a Mom of two. The weather was cold (for Atlanta) and the freezing temperatures kept us inside most of the week. I decided to stay home and try to catch up on things. I'm feeling behind in everything besides taking care of my two babies. I spend most of the day caring for them, keeping them fed, safe, and happy. I know that is most important right now but I do still struggle a bit with the concept that all else can wait. I know I should hold them and let the laundry and dishes pile up but that also often makes me feel a bit stressed. I have to continually remind myself that I don't have to do it all. 

I read an article recently that talked about reasons why wives/Moms often feel stressed. Lately, I feel like my husband is coming home to a very tired, overwhelmed version of myself. It said something along the lines of you lovingly call her superwoman but even superheroes have a breaking point. The balancing act of parenting plus life can be exhausting. 

This week, I felt a bit like I had reached a breaking point when I came down with a cold, and Eliza wasn't napping or sleeping well. The sleep deprivation on top of feeling under the weather wasn't easy. There aren't any sick days for Moms. Our children still need us whether we feel 100% or not. Jeremy did stay home to help one day while I tried to rest and recover a bit in between feedings. Needless to say I was glad when Friday was here.

We were supposed to travel to a wedding this weekend in Jacksonville and made the difficult decision to stay home. With me being sick plus two children under two, a 5.5 hour road trip, a hotel stay, and another 5.5 hour drive home was just too much. Right now, we need rest and to get healthy. Sean and Shelby, I hope you had the perfect wedding day, and we are very sorry we couldn't make it. 

Jeremy reminded me tonight that raising children is a marathon and not a sprint. The saying, the days are long but the years are short really is true. Some days feel long and exhausting but they also feel like they are flying by. Tonight as we were leaving Chic fil a (we weren't up for cooking so grabbing food was the best bet) I saw an elderly woman, probably in her 90s. She was sitting in the passenger seat enjoying an ice cream and when she saw me carry Eliza by her window, she gave her the biggest grin. At that moment, it just made me think how this women was smiling at this new life while also reflecting on her own life. Her smile at my children brought that reminder I needed about why life really is such a beautiful thing even when times seem challenging.

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Two under two 6 month edition

I knew the days of my newborn baby being able to sleep and nurse anywhere would end eventually. We are definitely there. I remember thinking in the beginning it wasn't too hard getting out with a newborn and a toddler. A toddler and a 6 month old is a bit more challenging. 

Eliza is in the distracted feeding stage where she wants to turn her head and look anytime she hears something. (Her brother, her dad, the TV, etc.) I've really been working on a sleep and feeding schedule for Eliza but she's pretty unpredictable as predictable as I try to be. She cries often, and she wakes up very easily. The tricks we used with Nolan don't seem to do the trick for her. I remember this rolling stage being a bit tricky with Nolan too so hopefully it will pass soon, and she will start sleeping better. It can be a tough cycle when they aren't getting the rest they need. Eliza and I have been getting in lots of baby snuggles as sleeping in one of our arms is where she naps best.

Here's what I attempt our schedule to be like but it is very subject to change since Eliza isn't very predictable. Thankfully Nolan is very predictable so that helps.

6:30am Eliza wakes up 

6:30-7:00 change her and nurse her

7:00-8:30 play time while I shower or get dressed for the day. Prep Nolan's breakfast and lunch. I find it best to have his meals ready in case she is being fussy, and I need to tend to her. 
8:30-9am Get Eliza down for her morning nap. (This sometimes is 30-40 minutes. Occasionally she will do 1-1.5 hours) The longer morning nap keeps our day on a better schedule. The shorter morning nap typically throws off the rest of the day.

8:30-9am Nolan wakes up. He sleeps late for a toddler, and we are thankful for at least one little one that sleeps well. 

9-9:30am Get Nolan changed, dressed, and fed breakfast. I usually empty the dishwasher, prep dinner, or other household chores downstairs while he eats in his high chair. He likes to watch his sister sleep on the monitor while he's eating. 

9:30-10:30am Nolan and I have one on one time before Eliza wakes up. 

10:30/11-1 This is our best time for an outing lately. We did a picnic lunch at the park on Wednesday which was perfect. We ate lunch and played at the park. Everyone was tired and napped well afterwards. If we stay home, Nolan has lunch, and we play inside/outside. 

1-2pm get them both down for naps. Nurse Eliza and put her down first. Grab monitor, change Nolan, read to him, nap time for both. This only works well if she took a good morning nap. 

2-4pm Nolan's nap. Eliza usually sleeps at least part of his nap.

4-5pm indoor play time until Dad gets home.

5-6pm play time or a walk outside if the weather is nice and dinner prep.

6-7pm Dinner time 

7-8pm Baths and bedtime routines. We typically bath him everyday and her every other day. Typically I nurse Eliza and get her to bed while Jeremy reads to Nolan and gets him to bed. That way we are both free to spend time with each other after they go to bed.

Both are usually asleep around 8-8:30. Nolan is sleeping great. Eliza wakes up frequently when she rolls over but hopefully she will figure out this transition soon. 

Here's some photos of sweet moments.

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