Saturday, December 30, 2017

Potty training Nolan

Jeremy and I decided while he had a few long weekends that we would make the transition out of diapers and into underwear with Nolan. We’ve been working on it for a while and felt like this would be a good time. He’s done really well so far and after 4 days he hasn’t had any accidents and has just been wearing a diaper or pull up to sleep. It’s been an adjustment being out in public and remembering to ask him to go but it’s been smoother than I imagined.

We’d been encouraging him to use the little potty’s that we had for a few months which he took to pretty well but thought it was time to switch to the regular one. At first he was pretty reluctant but he was glad to get a sticker or an m&m as a potty treat and that helped us make the switch initially. Now he’s using the regular potty and gets a treat sometimes if he does a good job without stalling or trying to avoid going. There’s definitely mornings and times where he is playing and doesn’t want to take a break to go but usually he’s pretty compliant and proud after he goes.

Since this was our first time potty training it was a new experience for all of us but overall I thought it went reasonably well. I’m definitely expecting some accidents in the years to come and have made sure to have an extra set of pants and underwear in the diaper bag just in case. It will be a little longer until we transition during naps and overnight as he doesn’t always wake up dry. Our little boy is definitely becoming a bigger kid everyday and becoming more and more independent and self sufficient. We’re proud of him and can’t wait to see what he learns in 2018! 

Christmas 2017 continued 

We’ve been trying to get a family photo all year where everyone was looking and smiling! I was so glad we captured it. 

Here are some of the funny ones that happened while trying to take a picture with two fast moving toddlers. 


With my mom and Eliza 

Our moms (Grammy and Gigi)

Family group photo 

Eliza enjoyed playing with Aunt Jessica.

Nolan loves helping feed baby Roland and has been asking for a little brother lately. It does get me excited about having a third baby one day.

Playing with the Fisher Price clubhouse.

Opening presents 

She liked her purse.

Ciak family gathering 

Christmas 2017

Baking cookies for Santa on Christmas Eve 

Nolan loved helping with the rolling pin.

Jack, our elf, helped watch. Nolan and Eliza both enjoyed having Jack at our house during the month of December. He did lots of funny things, looked for acts of kindness, and they both look forward to him returning next year.

Decorating cookies 

Leaving the cookies out for Santa and the reindeer.

They both wanted to taste the cookies. 

I think Eliza liked the cookie. 

Our tree and gifts 

We spent Christmas morning the 4 of us. The kids enjoyed opening their gifts and playing with their new toys. 

This was our first year that it wasn’t one of our baby’s first Christmas. It was very fun having two toddlers this years! (Nolan 2 years 8 months and Eliza 15 months)

Saturday, December 23, 2017

2017 Year in Review 

It’s almost a wrap on 2017. Each year since I’ve been writing this blog, I like to recap and highlight the events from the year. It gives me time to reflect on things that went well, areas that can be improved, and also allows me to set goals for the upcoming year for myself and my family. 

Like most years, there were things I loved about this year and things I didn’t. As the years continue to fly by, I have been trying to slow down and enjoy now. Life can get busy, overwhelming, and stressful, but as we begin a new year, I’m going to remind myself to see the beauty in the small things and try to stress less about the things out of our control. We wish all of our family and friends a new year full of love, health, and happiness. I’m excited to see what 2018 has in store for us. We certainly have a lot to look forward to. Here are some photos from the past 12 months. 


Sibling bonding time to start off 2017 

Sesame Street live 

Jon and Riley’s gender reveal party. It’s a boy!

Fun with friends 

Nolan at his Tumble bears class. 


Being sweet with his sister.

Eliza’s first Valentine’s Day 

Our Valentine’s Day tradition where Jeremy cooks me dinner. 

Grammy and her grand babies 


Gigi and her grandbabies


We had family photos done.

Nolan turned 2!

Eliza turned 6 months.


I turned 31. We celebrated with some friends at  Food truck Tuesday’s. In May, Jeremy’s company offered him a position as a cloud engineer. Over the next few months, he transitioned from his previous position as a senior systems administrator into his cloud engineer role. I’m really proud of him for handling both these jobs well during the transition period and for working so hard in his new position these past 6 months. 

My Mom and I celebrated her birthday.

Nolan and I visited the Children’s museum with friends.

Dennis and Emily visited from DC and Jessica visited from Chicago.

Memorial Day weekend 

Eliza enjoyed the pool.

We visited the zoo with my parents. 


Riley’s baby shower 

Smyrna food truck Tuesdays.

Summer walks in the park behind our house.

Our neighbors pool opened.


Eliza’s first 4th of July 

Jeremy’s IT coworkers visited our house.

Nolan got hand, foot, and mouth and passed it on to Eliza and to me.

The three of us trying to recover. Lots of illness and time at home in July. 


Waiting on our nephew 

Last dinner before Jon and Riley became parents.

With my little ones out to dinner.

Nolan got Roseola shortly after the last illness he had. He had a high fever of 103-104 for a week followed by a rash. Poor little guy! 

We got to meet our new nephew Roland!


Our baby girl turned 1!

We took some family photos too.

Family 1st birthday party for Eliza 

She loved her cupcake!

Jeremy and I had a day date at the Atlanta United Soccer game with another couple. We also got to see the new Falcons stadium which is really nice.

We had our first ER trip after Nolan slipped in the tub. He didn’t end up getting stitches but I was glad we had it checked out. 


We attended Chalktoberfest for the 3rd year in a row in Marietta Square.

We went to see the scarecrows with my mom.

We went on a hayride and to a pumpkin patch.

Fall family photo 

Trick or Trunk

We went back to NJ and PA!

Eliza’s first flight 

We got to see Lauren, Conrad, and meet Bradley.

We saw my former neighbors in NJ.

We visited a family I used to babysit for and the hospital where I volunteered.

We celebrated Nora’s 2nd birthday and visited with Laurel and Rob. We also got to meet their new baby James.

We saw my college friend Emily, Nick, Connor  and got to meet new baby Claire.

We visited my college friend Jess, Kyle, and met baby Caylan.

Our family flew back home without any delays or travel issues this time. 

We trick or treated with our neighbors.



Jon and Riley hosted Thanksgiving 

Santa photos at the Battery went well this year.

We decorated for Christmas.

Jeremy travelled to Las Vegas for an AWS conference and I met him there mid week.

Our first overnight away since we became parents. We missed our babies but loved the time together.

My parents babysat and took the kids to see the lights at the Atlanta Botanical Gardens.

Our family picked out our Christmas tree.

Nolan and Eliza helped decorate the tree.

It’s snowed a lot for the south!

Pre Christmas gathering with the Ciak’s 

Ready for Christmas in their holiday pajamas.

We got a photo of everyone looking and smiling!

Family in GA on Christmas

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