Thursday, October 19, 2017


I really enjoyed reading this article and wanted to share it. It's about a Mom who has two toddlers similar to me, and she's reflecting on what she's learned. Click here to read it. I definitely found myself relating to many of the things she mentioned. The biggest one that stuck with me is that each of my children are their own unique individuals. I have found that regardless what I try and do sometimes, they each have their personalities and preferences.

Here's a few photos from this week. They're both busy and on the move lately. Candid shots are usually best. More soon.

Celebrating Elizabeth's second birthday.

With Clara 
Playing with trains at Barnes and Noble 
At the park with Kristen and Coleton
Quick stop at the pumpkin patch. I'd like to go back again soon and take some better pictures.

Nolan 2.5 year well visit

Riding the rocking horse while we checked in 
Standing on the scale. He weighed 30lbs 12oz which is about 67th percentile for weight. He's definitely thinned out a lot.
Getting measured. He's too big for the little wooden box now! He's 36in tall and about 45th percentile for height now and 25th percentile for head circumference. 
Just a flu shot today, and he didn't even cry.
Waiting for the dr.
We got to see a resident dr as well as his regular dr at the appointment. We didn't really have any concerns about his development so that questionnaire was easy. We feel fortunate that he's been a pretty healthy, easy going child for the most part.

They checked his chin which seems to be healing fine. Everything else looked good. As long as he stays healthy, our next visit will be in April when he turns 3. 

Sunday, October 15, 2017

Weekend fun

Enjoying Jonathan's 2nd Birthday party at Terrell Mill Park.

Nolan loved the cake.
Checking out the scarecrows in Marietta Square.
With Grammy's newcomer group scarecrow
Eliza posing with the scarecrows
Best family shot we could get. They're both always moving these days!
With Eva on the train
Impressive chalk art

Nolan's favorite chalk art.
Special lollipop treat
This was the 3rd year in a row we went with Hillary and her girls.
Our neighbor Gabby's 3rd birthday 
First time getting his face painted 
Paw patrol 

Painting a pumpkin 

With the birthday girl 

Friday, October 13, 2017

Weekly update

Eliza is switching to one afternoon nap which has freed up our mornings a bit more. I've been trying to get up and out of the house more frequently after breakfast. They're both at curious ages and excited about learning and exploring new places. This week we spent our mornings at the library or at the park. Although it's still been warm in the afternoons, the cooler fall mornings have been great.
Having fun at story time with their egg shakers.
Taking turns rocking each other
Seesaw together 
Swinging with friends 
Digging for things in the leaves
Reading bedtime stories together
Eliza is loving her firetruck lately.
Drawing chalk together
Sometimes afternoon story time rocks Eliza to sleep. 😊

This week Nolan's potty training really is starting to click. He's successfully gone on the potty number 2 seven days in a row! He's been doing well peeing on the potty as well when we are at home. He's had accidents if we try to leave the house in underwear so I'm not quite ready (and he doesn't seem fully ready) to dive all in yet. We're just excited he's starting to be more aware and able to control it better. Sometime in the near future we will only have one in diapers. I'm noticing that the potty training actually feels like more work than diapers though at least at this point while he's in the learning stage.  

We are glad it's Friday and looking forward to the weekend. Jeremy turns 32 this week and Nolan turns 2.5! It should be a fun week coming up. More soon!

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Eliza 13 month update

Weight/height: 18lbs and 28.5in 

Hair: It is light brown with hints of blond and red in the sunlight. It's getting a little longer all around but still short and fine. 

Eyes: They are light blue.

Clothes: 9 month or 12 month.

Diapers: size 3 and an overnight diaper at night 

Sleeping: Eliza's sleep is better but she does wake up at night. This month she did her first 12 hour stretch without a paci or nursing. Sometimes she wakes up around midnight and just needs her paci back. Other times she wakes up around 5 or 6 and seems hungry but goes back to sleep. I tried doing one nap with her but she doesn't seem ready yet so we will stick with two on days we stay home.

Likes:  being carried, rides in the stroller, baths, being smiled and interacted with, watching her brother, her baby stroller, walking, climbing, hiding toys different places 

Dislikes: being hungry, when she can't see someone, when I walk out of the room she's in, getting a toy she's playing with taken away

Eating: She is breastfed mainly twice a day. Typically morning and night nursing but occasionally overnight or during the day if she's being super fussy. I'm just trying to go with what works now. She went through a phase where she seemed like she was finished nursing and now she seems to like it again. Nursing does seem to comfort her a little more lately than it used to in the past.

I packed all the bottles away. She never really liked them anyway but is drinking regular milk now from a straw cup or sippy cup so we don't need bottles anymore if I am out of the house. She self feeds well and has been eating a lot lately. No food allergies or any concerns yet. I've been giving her some snacks lately too since she seems hungry often. Favorite foods lately are pineapple, peaches, frozen peas, pasta. She eats small pieces of what we eat and generally will try most things but will push foods she doesn't want off her high chair. Our dog, Sydney, loves to wait under her highchair for that reason. This month she also started to self feed herself with a spoon with things like yogurt and applesauce. It's messy but she can do it. 

Milestones/activities: walking and basically running now, can climb up the stairs but not down yet, lots of babbling, waves and says hi and bye, claps, says uh oh, says baa for sleep.

First ER visit for Nolan

Last Friday night we had our first trip to the ER since becoming parents. We both knew it was only a matter of time and I guess making it almost 2.5 years without an emergency room visit is a good thing. Looking for the positives here. Lately both our children have been accident prone. Both one and two are ages where accidents happen easily even when you are right there. As a Mom, I find it hard not to think I could have prevented it. It's hard not to feel some Mom guilt when your child gets hurt. It's never fun to see your baby in pain. A close friend of mine recently share this article with me. Click here to read it. It's about how accidents happen, how life happens, and how no matter how perfect of parents we trying to be, it's just not possible or realistic. I needed this reminder this week after we've had a couple of accident prone weeks. Like always, I like to share the challenges life throws at, and I always want to remember these times too. As parents, we all go through things like this.

Here are some photos from our visit. Nolan fell in the tub and got a cut under his chin. It was a little deeper than I was comfortable with just putting a bandaid on and hoping it was okay. It was another one of those injuries where it had a hard time deciding do we take him or not. With the incision being on his face, we decided to go. 

At first they said he might need one or two stitches but then they decided on using Dermabond which is essentially surgical type glue that helps put the wound back together. This way you avoid any stitch marks, and it stays clean and sealed. That sounded good in theory so we went with it and were released. The next day during his nap, Nolan peeled off the Dermabond. I'm really not sure how you teach a toddler not to pull off bandaids or other medical type things. We called the doctor and they said just to let it keep healing so that's what we did. Nolan was very brave and sweet while we were at the hospital even when it was way past his bedtime. Being in the Children's hospital and seeing more serious accidents coming in really reminded me how lucky we are to have only had minor illnesses and injuries to this point. Let's hope we can remain accident free for a little while. More soon.

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