Sunday, October 30, 2016

Eliza lately

Cutest pumpkin in the patch!
Sleepy girl
Love snuggling her 
Sometimes they both need snuggles 
Wearing her GT dress from Grandma
Future PSU grad!
House divided 
Who wore it better? Nolan or Eliza?

Friday, October 28, 2016

18 month appt

Waiting room selfie 
We brought both kids this time.
Do I stand on this?
27lbs 12oz 32 1/2in
Only one shot today.
Waiting for the dr.

Nolan is 75th percentile for weight and 50th percentile for height. He's no longer in the 90 plus percentile. I could tell he was starting to thin out! 

The doctor had me figure out a development and behavior questionnaire. I felt fortunate that I didn't have concerns with either area. Some of the questions were things like...
Does he respond to his name?
Does he respond to verbal prompts? 
Does he have a bunch of words?
Does he attempt to eat with a fork or spoon?
Does he run?
Does he pretend? 
Can he throw a ball?
Does he get along well with others? 

He does do or is trying to do all the tasks that were on the questionnaire. Nolan does have difficulty sharing at times and gets protective over his toys but that seems to be typical of toddlers. He will have meltdowns and tantrums too but they usually pass pretty quickly. All in all I think he's on track for his age. The doctor also said waiting until two or later for potty training was best. He also said he may become more of a picky eater as he approaches two years old. I can't wait to see him continue to grow and change! 

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Nolan 18 months

Jeremy and Nolan at similar ages.
Our sweet little guy is a year and a half old! I'm really enjoying this stage minus the tantrums and the no, no, no that he says often now. Nolan has continued to generally be a well behaved boy that loves to read and learn. He's great at entertaining himself but also loves attention and praise when he does something well. He's babbling often and is learning new words everyday. Lately he's been adding ending consonant sounds to his words and is attempting to repeat what we say. Sometimes he's starting to put two or three words together. 

Some of my favorite things he says are Mommy, Daddy, mi mi for baby, cock a doodle do, octopus, zebra, bearplane for airplane, ba ka ba for pumpkin (I think he's saying basketball because they look similar), milk, book, cookie, bapple for apple, and dog just to name a few. Just before 18 months he started saying "no, no, no" when he doesn't want something. He used to just wave things off with his hands. I notice he does it after I asked questions like "do you want a banana" and he will say "no, no, no" so I've been trying to ask less questions and just saying things like here is a banana. Instead of saying do you want to go on a walk, I just tell him we are going on a walk. I find asking less questions and just doing activities seems better. He says no very sweetly though which often makes me laugh. 

He knows his body parts even ones that are trickier like elbow and knees. He can also identify them on other people. Nolan knows many animal sounds like cow, horse, cat, dog, rooster, owl, lion, etc. The former teacher in me loves to watch him learn. 

He's always loved reading but lately he could read forever it seems. We are lucky his attention span is long and that he enjoys learning. I feel like many boys are more active at this age and don't like to sit still to read unless at nap or bedtime. He will read anytime of the day and keep bringing me books. He seems to have his favorites though and often closes books that he's not as familiar with and grabs one he knows. I also notice he's remembering the words. In a few books before I get to the word strong, he flexes his muscles. I'm amazed how toddlers can make connections like that. 

Besides reading, he enjoys walks in the stroller or walking himself. Playing in the cul de sac with the older kids is another favorite. He loves to walk around looking up and pointing at the sky at airplanes. When he hears one, he points up and identifies it. He's starting to show more interest in the TV and has always been interested in the phone, iPad, and apps. He loves seeing himself in selfie mode and face timing. We try to limit the screen time but allow him to occasionally. I recently read an article where it said screen time is okay if you are using it as a teaching tool like a picture book and interacting with your child while they are using the technology as opposed to just sitting them in front of it. I liked that recommendation as I do think they can learn a lot of tv and educational apps, however I think the adult guidance and teaching is a great idea.

Nolan is generally very gentle with babies and loves to kiss them. I've noticed at play dates he tries to kiss the other babies besides his sister. I feel fortunate that he is typically sweet to Eliza and other babies. It's also very cute when he tries to give her her paci back when she's crying. Occasionally he will try to hit her head or put toys or other objects on her so I do always have to keep a close eye on him if she is with in his reach. 

As for dislikes, we struggle with sharing. It seems to mostly be with other kids his age but with older or younger kids too. He has this awful squeal we call the teradactyl scream that he does when someone takes the toy he was playing with or if he isn't happy they are playing with someone of his. I try to teach him not to do that but have been struggling with it. Sometimes it's discouraging at play dates because you want to be proud of your little one and for him to be nice but I'm noticing all toddlers seem to struggle with sharing. It seems this phase will last a while too. All you can do is keep trying and modeling good behaviors. I try not to encourage the negative ones too much either since he loves the attention. Sometimes he throws things and climbs on things he shouldn't like the train table or fireplace but generally he isn't too bad about that.

As for other dislikes, he isn't a fan of getting his diaper changed and getting his teeth brushed. Being in a shopping cart can be hit or miss. He doesn't like going inside if he still wants to play outside. He's not a fan of sharing but what toddler is? Lately he cries at his nap time regardless how sleepy he is but then falls asleep. 

He's been great at night and going to bed easily between 8-9pm and then he typically sleeps 12 hours until 8-9am. I feel fortunate he's continued to sleep well even after stopping his bedtime nursing. He will occasionally cry in his sleep overnight but it's brief and he puts himself back to sleep. 

We love watching his grow and change everyday! Happy 18 months Nolan! Can't wait to see what the next month brings! 

Monday, October 24, 2016

Life lately

Family shot 

Uncle Dennis and Aunt Emily 
Eliza and Grammy 
In her Halloween onesie. 
Play date with Micah 
With Hillary and Joelle! Eliza's a gum ball machine 

One of her first smiles!
Monday play group 
He loves finding airplanes in the sky!
She fell asleep sitting up!

Saturday, October 22, 2016


100,000 views! When I started my blog two and a half years ago in May 2014, I thought it was mainly going to be an online journal for me and a way for my family and friends especially long distance ones to keep up to date on our lives. I never imagined so many people reading, and I want to thank you for taking the time to read it! It's also helped me reconnect with many friends who I had lost touch with who were going through similar challenges trying to get pregnant. I'm thankful  for that as well. I hope you've enjoyed seeing our family grow and change over the years.  

From being newly married, to infertility, to pregnancy, and now life as parents, I've really enjoyed documenting our journey. I always used to keep a journal but what I love about the blog is how easily I can add pictures to the writing and how I can share our story with others who are interested. I look forward to continuing it in the years to come!

Monday, October 17, 2016

6 weeks

She's growing and changing everyday. Each day is a bit unpredictable but she does seem  to be getting into more of a routine, and I'm also starting to figure out what works for both of us and Nolan. I feel much more laid back with a newborn this time around. Everything doesn't seem so new and unfamiliar like it does as a first time Mom. 
Breastfeeding is going much smoother this time. I've been feeding based on her cues. She's very good at showing when she's hungry by turning her head and trying to nurse. My milk supply is much more normal this time too. I'm also barely pumping which I think is helping my body regulate my supply just based on her needs. She seems satisfied, and I'm not overproducing which is a win win for both of us. She also rarely spits up like Nolan did which makes me think my oversupply and forceful letdown caused Nolan's excessive spitting up. Hard to know for sure but I'm glad things are going well.
Generally she's a pretty easy baby but she has been having fussier times especially when she is gassy. She seems to like movement more than Nolan did. She will sometimes cry at red lights or if you're not actively bouncing and rocking her. When she's wide awake she prefers to be held. I've been wearing her a lot when I need my hands free to help Nolan. She loves being in a wrap or carrier. She typically likes the car seat too.

I've been trying to do her last feeding around 10-11pm and then she usually gives me a stretch of sleep until 3am and then again until 6am. This doesn't always happen but that's been ideal for my schedule and Nolan's schedule. I like getting up early with her and then she's napping again by the time Nolan wakes up around 8-8:30. I'm still playing around with managing both of them but I seem to enjoy having one on one time with each of them if the other is sleeping. In the afternoon it's nice if their naps overlap a bit so I can rest for a few. It's been a busy and exciting six weeks that's for sure.

Saturday, October 15, 2016

Weekly updates

I'm a bit behind on keeping up with my blog because the app isn't working properly. I usually do my posts from my phone since it's easy to upload pictures and write while I'm nursing.

I tried uninstalling the app and starting over but then the Blogger app was gone from the App Store. Jeremy helped me get the old one back on my phone but it's closing out constantly making me lose my posts. Anyway, that's the reason I'm behind in addition to it being harder to find the time with two under two.

Last weekend besides having family in town, we went to Chalktoberfest for the second year in a row. We went with Hillary, Brian, Eva, and Joelle. I love this picture from last year and this year! Crazy the difference a year makes. To think that we both had one baby last year and didn't even know our new babies would be here this year. 
Here are some other pictures from this week! 
Our little girls 
Group shot 
Such talented chalk artists
All dressed up to go out. Little girl clothes and accessories are so fun! 
Nap time looks great in this picture but was a struggle this week. I'm still learning to manage an unpredictable newborn and a toddler myself during the week. My newest strategy was getting her down for her nap and then getting the monitor so I could watch her while reading to Nolan and getting him down for his. Only problem with that is if she needs her paci or cries, I can't help her without disturbing him. Then I tried bringing the rock and play in the room with us but that's distracting to Nolan. He did fall asleep but then cried immediately when I tried to leave and take Eliza with me. He always used to get sleepy or fall asleep reading and I would just put him in the crib but lately he stands up and cries.

 I didn't change anything of our routine so not sure what happened. I guess it's just a phase. Hopefully we will get back on track with naps soon. He's sleeping awesome at night which I'm thankful for.
My little shopping buddy! 
She loves that green paci.
She loves being swaddled.
Morning pj photshoot!
He loves her.
When did he get so big?

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