Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Eliza's birth story

I started having some early signs of labor after my 38 week doctors appointment. I had lots of Braxton hicks contractions, backaches, some cramps, a lot of pressure at times, and not much of an appetite. I was 2-3cm for about 10 days leading up to my actual labor. For the last week and a half of the pregnancy I kept having on and off again contractions and there were many times it turned out to be false labor. 

On Sunday, which was my due date, I walked a lot. Walking sometimes helped the contractions pick up but during the day they never got painful enough. I was feeling a bit off all day but I was able to get to sleep around 11:30pm. At 2:30am I woke up feeling uncomfortable. Was my labor actually starting? I had thought it was a few other times so I tried not to get my hopes up. Since I was induced with Nolan, this experience of going into labor at home was new to me.

From 2:30-5:30am I was in the early stages of labor at home trying to make sure this was the real deal. At 5:30, I woke up Jeremy, called my Mom, and called my doctor. My Mom got ready to head over to our house since Nolan was still asleep. My doctor called back minutes after I talked to the answering service and said I should come in. My contractions were pretty consistent and 5 minutes apart at that point. 

At 6am my mom arrived to watch Nolan, and we headed off to the hospital. I was still a little nervous it might stop on the ride there or that I would get sent home. Once we got there at 6:30am, I was able to walk in myself. I just had to take a break when the contractions hit. They put us in a triage room and hooked me up to the fetal montior and the contraction montior right around 7am. My contractions were 4 minutes apart and I was 4cm dilated. The nurse said I was definitely in labor and that I would be getting a room. Hurray! I am in labor on Labor Day! 

Based on my experience with Nolan, I expected it to take many hours to get from 4cm-10cm. I had heard second babies and labors could be much quicker as well. I wasn't really sure what to expect since I hadn't gone into labor on my own last time. Things definitely went the fast route.

At 7:30am, we were settled in our labor and delivery room, and I was 5cm dilated and the contractions were getting closer at 3 minutes apart. I was still managing the pain well and debating whether or not to get an epidural or wait a little longer. 

At 8:45am my OB came to check on me. I was already 7cm, and since my water hadn't broken yet, he broke it. This was when the pain started getting worse. The contractions were two minutes apart. It was basically now or never for the epidural since it was happening so fast. Looking back, I probably would have done fine without it but it definitely made the delivery much more manageable. 

I got the epidural at about 9:15am. I was starting to feel like I was fully dilated and needed to push at this point. I had just laid back down after the anesthesiologist left and the nurse checked me. I was fully dilated, and she made the call for my doctor and the cart needed for delivery. It really hit me then that we were about to meet our baby. I couldn't believe how fast it happened.

At 9:30am my doctor was in the room getting prepped, two contractions and two pushes later, Eliza Hope was here at 9:47am! We had a bit of a scare because her cord was wrapped around her neck three times. She looked somewhat purple and didn't cry immediately. Jeremy saw more of it than I did but my doctor and the nurses remained calm while my doctor cut the cord and untangled her. They took her over to the heated table for a few minutes to make sure she was okay and sure enough we heard that first cry. Jeremy and I both teared up a bit at that moment. It felt so amazing to finally meet her and hold her!
Last belly picture
Early contractions on the monitor
Last picture together before becoming parents to our second baby! 
Right before delivery!
Pre bath skin to skin time. She was so alert.
Minutes old

More pictures coming soon from her first day!

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