Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Building updates

Yesterday we had a private pre dry wall inspection. Our realtor recommended having a third party come in on our behalf to check and make sure everything was looking good and to code. Of course they have county/town inspections too but this was one we scheduled to double check. Everything they found was generally easy to correct. It was nice to hear the inspector say the quality of the construction and the products they are using is great and to a high standard. 

Today we had our pre dry wall appointment with our project manager and our sales associate. It was even more in depth than I imagined. We went room to room and went over every small detail. I really appreciated the builder taking the time to check things now to save potential issues later. We caught a few things and also were able to ask any questions we had. We are about 60 days out. No set closing date yet but we will be getting dry wall next week. They still seem to be on track for late May. 
Here is a picture from today. 
The brick was dropped off this afternoon as well as the sand for the mortar. It's exciting to see it all coming together. 

The next steps are to add the drywall. They will add a concrete patio and finalize the dirt in the backyard. In the front, they will add the brick and paint the siding and shake. After that all the interior stuff like cabinets, tiles, floors, etc. will be starting. It's really starting to look like a home. Still hard to believe it will be ours soon. A new home with new memories for our growing family.  

Monday, March 28, 2016

Nolan's first Easter

It's hard to believe this was our last first holiday photo with Nolan. This year really flew by. 
With his bunny 
This face makes me laugh. It looks like he's wondering what these eggs are and what he should do with them next. 

Earlier in the day these photo attempts didn't go so well. 
Poor little guy didn't want to sit in the chair so we tried again at a different time. These monthly and holiday pictures can be tricky. 
That's a little better but he kept playing with his tongue.
We had some fun playing with Easter eggs. Nolan was a little too big for this basket but didn't seem to mind. He liked taking them in and out of his basket.
My Mom came up with this cute idea for Nolan and soon to be baby sister. Loved them! The baskets were filled with other cute outfits too! We didn't get a family photo. Whoops! Next year. :) 

Sunday, March 27, 2016

17 weeks!

How far along: 17 weeks 
Total weight gain: 5 pounds 
Maternity clothes: just pants but some shirts are starting to fit. 
Baby is the size of a: pomegranate 
Stretch marks: No
Sleep: waking up hungry lately in middle of the night, bathroom trips, and strange dreams 
Missing anything: a mixed drink 
Movement: occasionally I think I feel a flutter but not really any movement yet. 
Best moment this week: getting my stitch fix order and having a few new maternity clothes to wear soon! 
Food cravings: just hungry in general between nursing and being pregnant.
Anything making you queasy or sick: nope 
Gender: GIRL!!
Labor signs: no
Symptoms: starting to feel my stomach stretch and frequent bathroom trips. 
Belly button in or out? In 
Wedding rings on or off? On 
Mood: excited! We have our pre dry wall meeting this week and things for the house are coming together. I love thinking about baby girl's nursery. 
Looking forward to: the anatomy scan on April 14th. It's been a while since I've seen her, and Jeremy actually hasn't been to an ultrasound yet. Hoping to hear that everything is looking good and growing well. 

Saturday, March 26, 2016

Birthday party fun

Today we went to a first birthday party for our new friend, Nolan. His family did such a great job with the party. I just loved the theme and the decorations were too cute. Here are some pictures from the party!
Such a cute smash cake and high chair set up.
Our Nolan is just three weeks apart from this sweet boy.
Loved all the colors 
Coloring table for the older kids. Great idea!
Smash cake
Digging in!
Nolan and Dad playing with a balloon.
Nolans and me 
The two Nolan's together. What a great day celebrating Nolan turning one. Hard to believe our Nolan will be 1 in just over three weeks! We met a lot of sweet families too. I always enjoy talking to new people, and everyone was very friendly and welcoming. 

I wish we were having a bigger party for our son's first birthday but this year just has a lot going on(two weddings in April, a move, a baby on the way, and the list goes on) so I'll make sure to plan a cute one next year. I am really looking forward to getting his one year photos and a few family photos next month. 

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Activities lately

Nolan had his first trip to the Georgia Aquarium this week! He seemed to really enjoy looking at the fish. 
We recently met this sweet boy, also named Nolan, and his mom, Tiffany, at the park while our boys were swinging a couple weeks ago. We found that we have a lot in common, and it's great to have a new friend with a boy that is a similar age to our Nolan. I'm looking forward to seeing our boys grow up together! 
Tiffany and her son with the penguins. 
We also had a play date at the park with my friend Diana and her two little ones. She's a great resource to talk to about life with two.
We checked out a consignment sale recently, and Nolan enjoyed trying out the toys. Love this picture of him. 
Liz and Micah came over for a play date. I really miss living across the street from each other but glad we still meet up for play dates. I can't believe Micah is turning 2 and Nolan is turning 1 soon. 
We also saw Kristen and Coleton recently at the park. Always love seeing them! 
We also tried a music class recently with my friend Shelley and her son Joshua.
And in between the play dates, walks, and visits to the park, Nolan and I spend a lot of time playing, reading, crawling, and climbing around his room at my Mom's house. She has an awesome kids room set up and he will play nicely for hours!
He loves to share his toys lately. 
Just doing some reading while getting a diaper change.
We've been loving the warmer weather. 
In between all the playing, we still make sure to get some snuggle time. I'm soaking in every minute with just Nolan and holding him as much as possible! I absolutely love when he falls asleep in my arms after nursing. It's hard to want to put him down. So much sweetness amid all the crazy things happening in the world lately. 

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

11 months

Weight/Height: 24.5lbs and 29in (estimates since we didn't have a doctors appointment this month) 

Hair:  It is light brown. Longer in the back and finer on the top. 

Eyes: Bright blue with long eyelashes 

Clothes: He is wearing 12-18 month clothes. Some 18-24 month is even fitting. 

Diapers: Size 4 (he has been in 4s for a while.) We still do the overnight diaper with a pad insert to try and prevent leaks. We probably will switch to 5's relatively soon.

Sleeping: he sleeps through the night for the most part. We have a few off nights occasionally but for the most part he is sleeping about 12 hours. He has been going to bed a little later since daylight savings and sleeping more like 8pm-8am. He's also getting better at falling back asleep himself if he wakes up. He still takes two naps one in the morning around 10-11 and one in the afternoon around 3. 

Likes: eating, bath time, car rides, reading books, listening to songs, his activity table, the swing at the park, and walks in his stroller

Dislikes: getting his face cleaned after eating, getting dressed, being sleepy, being in a pack and play 

Eating: He is breastfed 3 times a day. Typically at 8am, 2pm and at bedtime. I've started to think about weaning, and he seems to be doing fine with one less nursing session. He has solids for breakfast, lunch, and dinner plus an occasional snack. He is eating what we eat and prefers regular food over baby food. He will generally eat most fruits and veggies. He also likes bread, pasta, and cheese. So far he isn't a picky eater. He drinks water from a straw or sippy cup.

Milestones:  he can crawl, sit up, and feed himself. He pulls up to a stand. He can support himself while standing and holding onto something. He makes lots of sounds and "talks" a lot. He says da da often. He has eight teeth. 

I am really loving this age. His little personality has really come out. He's super playful, happy, and brings a smile to my face everyday. He still falls asleep in my arms after nursing, and I love staring at him sleeping peacefully. Only one more month until we have a one year old and 5 more months until he becomes a big brother! 

So many teeth!
Excited face!
There's that tongue. 

Love this rosy cheeked boy! 

Sunday, March 20, 2016

16 weeks!

How far along: 16 weeks 
Total weight gain: 4 pounds 
Maternity clothes: just pants. 
Baby is the size of a: pear 
Stretch marks: No
Sleep: waking up hungry lately in middle of the night. 
Missing anything: deli meat 
Movement: not yet but I can't wait. 
Best moment this week: hearing the heartbeat again after 5 weeks. 
Food cravings: carbs and cheese but fruits and veggies too!
Anything making you queasy or sick: nope 
Gender: GIRL!!
Labor signs: no
Symptoms: starting to feel my stomach stretch and frequent bathroom trips 
Belly button in or out? In 
Wedding rings on or off? On 
Mood: excited! 
Looking forward to: the anatomy scan on April 14th. 
Definitely starting to show more.
This was my 16 week photo with Nolan. Pretty similar. 

It's a girl!

We are super excited to share that our second baby is a girl! I was originally going to wait until we confirmed the gender at 20 weeks but really wanted to do the peep announcement so decided to just go for it. It still feels a little strange finding out the gender from bloodwork. I'm very visual so I like to see things but I'm trusting that it's accurate.

I had the Harmony blood test done at 10 weeks (which was on February 10th), and we got the call six days later with the results on Tuesday February 16th. This is a relatively newer blood test that checks for Downs and a few other chromosomal factors. The XY gender part was an add on. I knew that that part wasn't covered by insurance but when my doctor said it was $140 to find out that early, we decided to go for it. It's pretty amazing they can tell that early, and we knew the gender just before 11 weeks. 

When I got the call from the nurse, I was really surprised. I was expecting it to be other day or two. My heart immediately started racing. First of all, we were hoping to hear everything came back healthy. Fortunately everything came back low risk. Then the nurse asked if I wanted to know the gender and asked what my guess was. I told her I thought it was a boy just based on the fact that my pregnancy has been very similar to Nolan. No morning sickness and generally pretty smooth sailing. I had this feeling we would have two boys. My mom had two boys first and so did my brother. It seems to run in our family. 

Next, I heard her say, it's a girl! I was pretty shocked. I probably should have asked a few more questions and confirmed everything but I just couldn't wait to call Jeremy to tell him the news. We obviously would be thrilled with either gender but are looking forward to raising both a boy and a girl. I think Nolan will be a wonderful big brother to his little sister. I can't wait to see that mother daughter relationship, the father daughter relationship, and the sibling relationship. It will be really neat to experience. 

Here is the photo we used to share on Facebook. 
And here and the many faces of Nolan trying to take the picture. 
This makes me laugh. Love all those expressions. 
This was the photo we used earlier on with family and friends. I had a hard time finding pink chicks since it was just after Valentine's Day. 

We have our anatomy scan on April 14th.  I'm really looking forward to hopefully hearing everything is growing well and getting to see our baby girl! 

Friday, March 18, 2016

House updates

Things seem to be happening quickly ever since framing started. It's amazing how hard these workers are working. I'm thankful there are people out there talented enough to build houses and places for people to live and work. I've been very impressed with our builder thus far and everything seems to be happening according to schedule. The beautiful weather we have been having is helpful too. 

Lately, I've been making a visit at least once a day. You'd be surprised how much can change in a few hour period. Since we are currently living ten minutes from the new house, it's easy to swing by on my way home. Each day when I drive there I find myself guessing what will be new today. It's super fun to see the changes. 

Just this week, they put in the stairs, the deck, the windows, and the fire place. They were starting to work on the shingles and sides of the house. They also did the duct work and added the AC and hearing units as well as our bath tubs. It's all coming together, and we can't wait to see the finished product. 

Here are some current photos. 
The porch is coming together. 
New trees and the back of the house. 
Standing on our deck! 
Lots of pipes and a fireplace 
Lots happening! 
Love seeing it all happen! We found our first mistake or two but caught it early so it's not a problem to correct. All and all, we've been impressed with our builder. More soon! 

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