Thursday, February 18, 2016

Pregnancy recap so far

It was Saturday morning January 9th, and I decided to take a pregnancy test. I had had one cycle in early November which was my first since Nolan was born. I was still nursing so it surprised me that I did because for many women, it doesn't return until after you stop breastfeeding. I had taken a test in December when I was  technically late which ended up being negative. I wasn't sure whether it was PCOS or breastfeeding but I just assumed for the next month I was back to irregular cycles like when we were trying with Nolan. 

After taking many tests the first time around and seeing many negative ones, when I took this one, I honestly wasn't expecting to see what I saw. There was a second line! Jeremy was still asleep and of course I ran over to him to see if he saw it too. I took a digital one shortly after and sure enough it agreed. Then I began to wonder, how far along am I? They have a weeks estimator test over the counter now that I tried to give me a better idea. It advised me that I was 3 weeks or more past ovulation which would mean I was 5-6 weeks already. 
Since it was a weekend, I waited until
Monday morning to call the doctor. They brought me in to confirm with bloodwork and to check my progesterone levels. Last pregnancy my hcg and progesterone were a bit low at first so I wanted to make sure everything looked okay. 

On Tuesday January 12th, I got the pregnancy confirmation call. My HCG was very high at 38,000 which indicated I was further along that I thought. With Nolan my first HCG check was 17. Quite the difference! My doctor scheduled my first ultrasound for the following week on January 21st.

The weekend before my ultrasound appointment, I got very sick. At first I thought it was morning sickness. I felt so awful and couldn't even keep water down. We ended up going to the ER because I was really dehydrated. Typically I would have waited out this stomach bug longer but with nursing and being newly pregnant, I worried when I wasn't able to eat or drink for so many hours. 

I was given fluids and then I ended up having my first ultrasound at the hospital. My heart started racing as they wheeled me back to the ultrasound department. I felt so weak and tired from being sick but was excited to get to see our tiny baby. I just hoped everything was okay. Everything was looking normal, and the tech said I would be due September 6th and that I was 6.5 weeks along. 

The next week, I had my pregnancy confirmation appointment and ultrasound at my OBs office. They gave me a similar due date of September 4th. We estimated the due date from the ultrasound instead of the last period because it is more accurate. This ultrasound was from about 7 weeks. 
Jeremy and I are thrilled about adding another baby to our family. After our struggles last time around, we decided to just see what happened this time around. We knew we wanted more children and hoped to not have to go the specialist route again. We feel incredibly fortunate are very grateful for this pregnancy and that it wasn't a stressful process this time around.

It's been such a different experience getting pregnant this time but equally as special. We've enjoyed being able to surprise our family and friends. Last time, we were very open about trying to start a family and this time we have been able to share the news as we felt ready. I look forward to documenting this pregnancy as well and seeing the similarities and differences these next few months. 

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