Sunday, January 31, 2016

8 teeth!

Nolan got an eighth tooth over the weekend! He was pretty fussy on Friday and when Nolan cries it typically means a tooth is coming. He now has four on top and four on bottom. I love how this picture above looks like he's taking a selfie. 
He loves his jumper sometimes but not always.
Over the weekend, we took him to the park. It was a beautiful 60 degree day and felt wonderful to be outside. We have had a lot of cold and rainy weather lately. The sun really makes a difference after a lot of rainy days.
The swing was a success again!
His smile and laughs make us happy everyday! 

This weekend felt great to relax and spend time with Jeremy and Nolan without having to pack and move. It's nice to have the closing behind us, and we are settling in at my moms for the next few months. On Saturday night after Nolan went to bed, my mom listen out for him and we met another couple for dessert. Everywhere was packed. We were trying to figure out if there was an occasion other than nice weather.

I have a pretty quiet week this week. I am still catching up on life from the move. I'm looking forward to this month. We have a couple first birthdays to celebrate, a few friend's birthdays, and maybe we will get a date night around Valentine's Day. Hope you all have a great week!

Saturday, January 30, 2016

Closing day

It was a busy week preparing for closing on Thursday. Last Saturday we had movers. On Sunday, we moved some items ourselves. On Monday, we got a few remaining things, and on Tuesday we had it professionally cleaned. That night, we went back to do our final walk through before our buyer had hers. As we drove away and shut the garage door one last time, it really hit me that this was no longer our home. 

I was sad and happy at the same time. Jeremy and I talked about our favorite memories there on the drive back to my Mom's. The top of the list for me was bringing Nolan home and starting our lives as a family of three. We are excited about this next chapter but will definitely miss our home on Caswell Parkway. I hope our buyer enjoys it as much as we did.

On Thursday afternoon, Jeremy worked a half day and then we went to the closing. It was smooth and easy taking just about an hour. The house was still  in my maiden name so I just had to bring my marriage certificate. It felt odd to sign my old name so many times. That should be the last thing in my maiden name. I was amazed at how quickly the money was wired into our account. It's now set aside for our next closing which will hopefully be in May.
That night my Mom took us out to Top Spice for dinner to celebrate. Nolan did awesome! Taking a nine month old to a restaurant can be hit or miss but this time was a success. He's really enjoying eating the foods we eat now and has started to understand how to chew his food. It's been fun to watch him learn to eat new foods. 

Now that the closing is behind us, we are looking forward to a few quiet months before the next move. 

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Building updates

This week was an exciting part of the building process. Concrete was starting to be laid for the foundation. This picture was one that the sales manager sent me. I really appreciated her capturing this shot. It's neat to be able to watch the process. 
When we were over at the lot a few days ago we could see some wood was laid which I'm guessing is where pipes will be.
It was pretty wet and muddy this day. We have had a lot of rain lately. Fortunately it hasn't seemed to hold things up much (at least I don't think it has). We are looking forward to the next few weeks and seeing the basement be put in. After that it will take about a week to dry and the framing will begin. 
After some concrete was poured. So much mud too. Hoping it dries up soon! 

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

9 month well visit

Nolan had his 9 month well visit yesterday. Everything went well, and he only had one shot.
Waiting to get weighed and measured!
23lbs 12oz and still in the high 90th percentile for weight. 96th to be exact. 
He is 28 inches which is 33th percentile.
He's continued to gain at the pace he was before but slowed down a bit in height.
Hanging out with Dad while we wait for the doctor. Nolan and I love that Jeremy doesn't work late hours and that he can be there for his appointments too!
Waiting with me. He loved playing with the paper on the doctor's table.

We just had a few questions for his doctor but no major concerns. We asked about taking care of his teeth, introducing the sippy cup/straw cup, and introducing more foods. Now that Nolan is 9 months he's able to eat even more food that we eat which is exciting. 

The flat spot has improved a lot on his head which was exciting. Since we see him everyday it can be hard to see the improvement since it's so gradual but the doctor agreed it was looking much better. His head has been something I've worried about since early on, and it was great to hear him say it looked much better. What a relief! We are very fortunate to have a happy, healthy, growing baby. Next check up will be right after his first birthday in late April! Hard to believe he will be coming up on one year old soon! 

Saturday, January 23, 2016

Moving day

We were fortunate our move didn't get canceled due to weather. I do think it was the coldest, windiest, and snowiest day of this winter. It definitely wasn't a good day for moving but I guess that's expected in January. The movers came at 8:30am. We had everything out and into the storage unit just before 1:30pm. It was a busy day for sure but it feels good to have everything out. 
We have a lot of organizing to do at my moms over the next few days but I'm trying to pace myself and focus on getting through closing on Thursday. Hopefully all goes smoothly with that. I know I will feel relieved once the selling process is over, and we can really look forward to watching our home be built over the next few months. 
Our old place looked so pretty coated in snow the morning of the move. 
The movers packed our storage unit well. We have some extra space and plan to bring more stuff that is currently in my moms garage. This is a 10x20 unit. We were nervous the smaller one might be too tiny so went with the bigger one. It's indoor acres and climate controlled. We have a code to the building and a lock for our unit so we can check in, add, or remove stuff at any time. It's only five minutes from where we are living which makes it easy. 

It feels great to have everything out. I know it will be a couple weeks until we get back into a routine but we will get there. To me moving out is the hardest, least fun part. The moving in and getting organized will be exciting next time around. Let's hope the rain stops so they can get moving on our new house!

Friday, January 22, 2016

9 months!

It's hard to believe 9 months have gone by. 9 months in and now 9 months out! Nolan is growing up quickly but we are enjoying every minute of watching his personality develop and seeing him acquire new skills. 

9 month updates 

Weight/height: I will add this Monday after his 9 month appt. His appt today was rescheduled due to weather. My guess would be 24 pounds/28 inches.
23lbs 12oz and 28in and 44cm head circumference. My guess was pretty close!

Hair: It is a lighter brown. Still just fuzz on top but getting longer in the back. 

Eyes: bright blue with long eyelashes 

Clothes: mostly 12-18 month. Very few 9 month fit. 

Diapers: size 4 we have been in 4s for a while. 

Sleeping: he has some really great nights and other nights where he still wakes up. He usually goes back to sleep relatively easily though and sleeps about 12 hours. 

Likes: when you are silly with him and when you play with him. He enjoys feeding himself and exploring foods. He still loves nursing. His jumper is hit or miss lately. He still loves bath time and story time. 

Dislikes: when you wipe his face or nose, being overly tired/hungry, when you take away something he wants to play with but shouldn't (door stopper, electrical cord, electronics like cell phones and laptops) 

Eating: he is still nursing and also eating solids two to three times a day. We just started introducing a sippy cup and a cup with a straw. He's becoming more interested in what we are eating lately too. 

Milestones: he can crawl now! It's still an army type crawl but he's getting places faster. 
Excited face!
These pictures get trickier to take each month as he becomes more active.
Such a big boy! Thanks for making us smile everyday!

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Moving week

Our first move is this week. It definitely feels a bit sad taking down our first home together. It's starting to look really bare with all the art off the walls and everything getting packed. It still feels a bit strange that after next Thursday, it won't be our home anymore! (Assuming all goes well with closing)

I've been putting off taking down Nolan's nursery. I feel like we just recently completed that room. I know we can recreate it but it will still always be his first room. It really is bittersweet. It's exciting to be moving on to a single family house. It's something I know I've hoped for in life. Our townhouse was a wonderful stepping stone in helping us buy this new home. 

I feel like we learned a lot in the three and a half years since we have been homeowners. If I had it to do over again, I would still start off with a townhouse. It was a good transition into homeownership. It came with much more responsibility than an apartment but less responsibility than a house. I like to think of it as we had training wheels in becoming homeowners. We weren't responsible for landscaping and some other exterior things but we were responsible for all the other maintenance. We learned to have a mortgage and taxes. Now it will be the real deal but I do think we are ready and prepared for it.

Monday, January 18, 2016

Two sick parents

Well we experienced the first time since being parents where we both got sick. I mentioned in my last post it hit me first. This isn't the first time I've given Jeremy the stomach bug, and I felt awful about it. I hated to watch him go through what I had just suffered through and was still recovering from. I really tried to step in and be strong for Nolan and Jeremy while he battled it but it was a tough weekend. I'm just very thankful Nolan hasn't gotten it. I hope somehow he continues to avoid it. 

Today we are both trying to get our strength and appetite back. Our move is 5 days away now, and we didn't accomplish anything packing wise this weekend. I am glad I like to plan ahead and have already packed a lot. I tried to remind myself while we both laid in bed that the most important thing was taking care of Nolan and ourselves. We needed to let our bodies heal before we can get back to work. Not feeling so great but getting in some play time with Dad and Sydney.
While it was a tough day today, one of my close friends, Kara, stepped in and really made our day. We were running low on ginger ale and other anti nausea remedies, and she offered to pick up and drop off what we needed. What a lifesaver. We really appreciated her offering so we didn't have to run out in the cold while both feeling under the weather.
The magazine and the chocolate hearts were such a sweet extra thought, and  I can't wait to eat them once the thought of food sounds appetizing again. Thank you Kara for being there for us today. We can't thank you enough! 

Sunday, January 17, 2016

A trip to the ER

On Friday night, I came down with an awful stomach bug. I don't remember the last time I was that sick. Definitely wasn't how I intended spending our last weekend in our townhouse before the move. Thank goodness I started packing early because I was out of commission all weekend and still am.

It started after dinner on Friday night. I was up all night. I couldn't even keep water down and after about 12 hours and feeling very weak and dehydrated, I asked Jeremy to take me to the ER. We woke Nolan up and put him in the car and got there around 6am.

I could barely walk myself into the ER. Luckily there wasn't a wait. They took me back quickly and checked my vitals. My heart rate was really fast at that point. They got me hooked up to an IV with some fluids and anti nausea medicine. I was trying not to have to run to the bathroom. I felt so weak and sick. 

Jeremy was so wonderful all weekend taking care of Nolan. The ER staff was great too and let them both come back in the room with me. Being a Mom and being sick is tough. You want to be there for your little one but it's really hard when you feel so yucky. I felt better knowing that Jeremy was taking such good care of them. While I felt so bad, hearing them playing together brought a smile to my face. It's so nice to know when you're not feeling 100% that your little one is in amazing hands. We are so lucky to have Jeremy in our lives. 

Today I am still struggling to eat but am keeping fluids down. I hope it passes soon. We have a big week and weekend of moving so I need to get better. Jeremy unfortunately just got it. Now we have to hope Nolan can stay healthy. 

Friday, January 15, 2016

Convertible car seat

Last night we went back to the car seat safety check to make sure we properly installed Nolan's new car seat. I haven't wanted to make the switch from the infant seat because I love the convenience of being able to take the car seat in and out of the car with the baby in it. It's been great for all the times Nolan falls asleep in the car. You can just click him into the stroller and do your errands while he stays asleep. He still fits the weight and height requirements of the infant one but it's gotten pretty heavy to lift. 

Jeremy did a great job knowing how to install it himself. I was still glad we went and got it checked. It was fun this time around actually having Nolan with us. Last time we were there, they gave us dolls to practice with. I loved being able to bring Nolan this time around. He did pretty well until the end of the appointment he was pretty tired of us putting him in and out of the seat.
I think he likes it!
All bundled up and ready for the drive home. His new seat is the Graco 4ever car seat. It will grow with him until he's big enough not to need a car seat. It's a but on the pricy side but we liked that we only would need this car seat. 

Thursday, January 14, 2016

Busy baby

Nolan has really gotten faster this week. He still does the more army type crawl where he pulls himself with his upper body and drags his legs behind him. It's getting him places pretty quickly now.
He has figured out how to pull his toys and books off his bookshelf.
He crawled all the from his room at the end of the hallway to our room. It's definitely time to install the baby gates. Since we are only here one more week, we are just waiting until we are at my moms. Nolan has also discovered door stoppers and power outlets. We definitely will need to do some baby proofing at my  Moms and again at our new house.
This week, he's been much more excited about eating solid foods. We have still been doing a mix of purees and small pieces of food that he feeds himself. He's still not a fan of green veggies but loves orange veggies like carrots, sweet potatoes, and butternut squash. He seems to enjoy most fruits. Bananas are still a favorite as well as mango, pear, and avocado. Those four fruits I often give him pieces of,and he's getting much better at gripping the food and feeding himself. He seems to be learning to chew his food more and using those cute little teeth. Lately, he will also say "hum" if he wants more food and he will make a "yum" type sound when he likes something. He makes a pretty sour face when tasting a food he doesn't enjoy.
Dumping out his basket of toys is something he loves to do. He's super curious lately and checking everything out. He's making lots of sounds too. Sometimes he will bite things as well. I try to make sure he bites a teether or toy intended for teething and not me or someone else. He has the same four teeth on top and three on the bottom and doesn't seem to be getting more at the moment. I'm hoping he has a little break from new teeth at least for a little while.
He likes playing sitting up but will transition himself to his belly if he wants to get moving. Currently, he's still napping twice a day. One longer one and one slightly shorter. He's pretty good about rubbing his eyes and showing that he is visibly tired and ready for a nap. We've been home a lot this week so he has been napping well in his crib. I occasionally hold him for his naps too because I know he won't stay this sweet and snuggly forever. I'm looking forward to his 9 month appointment next week and getting his updated stats. To me he seems taller but maintaining a similar weight. We will see next Friday!

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Building updates

This week digging should be starting!
The digger was placed on our lot.
They also put gravel where our driveway will be. 
That reddish area of dirt in the center of the picture is our lot and what it looked like before this week. Fortunately it's been a nice week weather wise so hopefully the moving of dirt is going well.
This was today (1/13). Our basement area is dug out and looks ready for the foundation. It was exciting to see this progress. We are very excited to watch the building happen.

It's been so cold this week, Nolan and I have been staying home and getting things ready for the move. More soon!

Monday, January 11, 2016

Lighting in the new house

On Saturday, we had our last appointment to finalize things for the new house. The first design appointment was to choose the technology wiring and the other tech features of our home. The second appointment we had was to choose the brick, paint colors, cabinets, tile, etc. This appointment was to choose the light fixtures. We also had our plan review last week where we went over all the little details with the project manager working on our house. 

It's been a really fun process. Overwhelming at times but we are very thankful to be able to experience this process of building our home. I have a tendency to be indecisive which makes long term decisions difficult to me. Our builder has been wonderful and allows you to customize a lot. It's not just a choose A or B option which I love, however, all the choices can be hard to decide especially when you think, "what will we like ten years from now?" We've been trying to make classic, traditional design choices that we will enjoy for years while also adding some uniqueness. We feel pretty confident in our choices but it's hard to totally understand what it will all look like pieced together when the house is completed. I think Jeremy and I have agreed well on our design choices too. 

At this lighting appointment, we went to a store called Progressive lighting up in Kennesaw. I'm not sure that I've ever been to a lighting store before but let's just say their power bill must be expensive. I'd never seen so many lighting choices. There was everything from ornate crystal chandeliers to Edison bulbs and rustic type lights. Lots of options! 

We started our appointment where the lady explained our lighting allowance cost wise that was already built into the price of our home and from there you can upgrade. We planned to keep the lighting with in our original budget without going over. There were even more lights in the house than I thought thought of. 

First we started with the exterior lights about the front door and the flood lights as well as the door bell. Next, we moved inside to some of the bigger items such as the light in the foyer, the dining room, the kitchen, the breakfast area, family room, and the office. After that we moved upstairs to the master bedroom and bathroom, the kid's rooms, their bathrooms, the laundry room, hallway lights, and the list goes on. We end chose the lighting for the unfinished basement and the attic. The smoke and carbon monoxide detectors were also part of this appointment. 

We added up all our final choices and fortunately stayed within our budget. We tried to keep that number in mind while making our choices. The lady that helped up was great at making suggestions based on what I was describing I liked. 

Here are a few previews.
Dining room 
This one was up for debate. It was expensive and kind of dressy but I have loved this light since I saw it in the model home. 

We have the rest of this week to finalize our choices. I'm having a hard time deciding about the kitchen and the hanging lights above the island. 
I like this Edison bulb style but also am not sure if the exposed light will be too bright. 
I also like something like this that dims the light more. Decisions decisions! Any thoughts or input are welcome. I've been going for a vintage type look but also still trying to stay classic. Only a few more days until the design decisions need to be completed!

Saturday, January 9, 2016

Neighborhood play dates

I'm starting to realize we are moving in two weeks. We've been getting in lots of neighborhood play dates beforehand. I'm definitely going to miss being close by to these friends and their little ones but I am glad we will still be relatively close by. 
Nolan 8.5 months and Eliana 4 months
Nolan has recently learned how to crawl. It's more the commando, army type crawl where he drags his body along the ground but he is definitely on a move. He worked his way over to play with the other boys.
Micah and Nolan are so sweet with each other. 
Jeremy and I enjoyed babysitting for Micah so his parents could have a date night. We have been babysitting for each other occasionally, and it's been great. I hope we continue to do so even after we move.

Friday, January 8, 2016

Stitch Fix

Since we are moving in two weeks, it's been a great excuse to clean out and organize my closet. What I realized once I started going through my clothes is that my clothing needs have drastically changed since becoming a stay at home mom. I still have a ton of work and going out clothes understandably so because that was what my life was like before I became a mom. 

Now I'm finding that I have a shortage of practical, causal, comfy everyday type clothes. As a stay at home mom there are days where we don't leave the house, and I wear yoga pants, sweatpants, and a comfortable shirt that's easy for nursing. But there still are plenty of days where I want to get dressed nice, dry my hair, and put on a cute outfit. Lately my excuses to get dressed nicer have been for meetings for our new house. I think it's important as a mom and especially as a stay at home mom that I still try to look nice and have some cute outfits. 

With that being said, lately when I go shopping myself, I end up in the baby section. I find that I need to buy Nolan new clothes because he's growing quickly, and he really does need bigger sizes. By the time I get to the women's section I find myself unsure what I like and wondering if I will wear it enough that it's worth buying. I have always been one who likes to save money so spending money on something I don't need doesn't really happen often. I usually need to be able to justify a clothes purchase. Fashion and make up have never felt were my strong point but I still always try. 

Anyway, these mental conversations were what got me wanting to try Stitch Fix, an online stylist that sends you clothes based on your personal preferences. I had seen a few friends post about it, and it sounded like a lot of fun. I also liked the idea of having someone give me some style advice because lately I feel out of the style loop. I spend my time on Pintersst looking more at baby feeding schedules, when to introduce a sippy cup, and other basic baby care pointers that I'm learning about. I've also been spending time looking at furniture and home decor. Clothes for me just haven't been a priority lately.

Jeremy had listened to my conversations about wanting some updated clothes. For Christmas, he got me a gift card for Stitch Fix. This was something I had been wanting to do once I lost the baby weight. Last winter I was wearing maternity clothes so many winter things in my closet haven't been worn for two years. And like I said, a lot of what I have wasn't good for nursing and just not ideal to wear around a potentially messy baby.

The other night I signed up using the referral link a friend sent me so she would get a $25 credit to her account. I filled out the style questionnaires and wrote some notes to my stylist regarding what I was looking for. The key pieces I wanted were a new small bag, a light jacket, a cute top, and a new pair of skinny jeans for date nights. I also requested comfortable and casual clothes that were practical for being a nursing Mom too. 

I paid the $20 stylist fee (which goes towards your eventual purchase if you choose to buy the clothes they send) and about a week later, I had five new items wrapped so nicely in a cute box. It felt like Christmas getting a box with a fun surprise inside! 
Inside I found pretty much exactly what I was hoping for with a personalized note and some style tips. 
I loved this little card and how it suggests ways to dress up or dress down an item. I also appreciated how she really read my  tips and followed them well. I consider myself pretty picky when it comes to clothes. I was honestly surprised I loved each of the five items I was sent.
Here is the jacket, bag, and skinny jeans.
Here's one top.
And the other top from the front 
And from the back. I like this fun back with a cami underneath. This is something I probably wouldn't have picked out for myself in a store but I actually really liked it on. I'm super excited to have an excuse to go out and wear these new things! What a great gift idea. 

A few friends have asked about the prices. It's definitely not the cheapest clothes you could find but I also still feel like they are with in reason. I chose $50 or less for pretty much every category and most of my items were under that budget. I'd love to do something like this regularly but for me it will be more of a special occasion type thing. If you've been thinking about trying Stitch Fix, I would definitely suggest giving it a shot. I really enjoyed it. Pamper yourself a little! It will feel great! 

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