Friday, December 30, 2016

2016 Year in Review

Each year I like to do a recap from each month. I love going back through my pictures from the year and highlighting the best moments. I also like to reflect on the more challenging times and think about how moving forward we can make things better. This year included selling our first home, building our first home, adding a baby, and so much more!


At our New Year's party last year, I got this fortune in a fortune cookie.
9 days later on January 9th, 2016, I got the surprise of my life and found out I was pregnant with baby #2. I certainly gained something I always wanted, a healthy little girl to add to our family!
This was the day we found out we were pregnant. We were babysitting our neighbor's son, and I kept thinking about life with two little ones!
It was really happening! Thankful this pregnancy happened on its own! 
We sold our townhouse and first home together. We put our belongings in storage and moved in with my Mom in Smyrna for 4 months.
We announced our pregnancy to our families.

The foundation of our home was poured after many rain delays.
Nolan celebrated his first Valentine's Day!
We found out our baby was a girl!
We walked through the framing of our home for the first time.

Sydney, my dog, turned 7! 
The house really started to come together.
Back of the house 
Nolan celebrated his first Easter.

We had our 20 week ultrasound and all went well!
 Baby started to get bigger!
The house got brick and landscaping.
Front yard

We celebrated Ashley and Chris' wedding in Savannah!
Family picture from the wedding
Our little boy turned 1!
All smiles 
Due date 9/4/16
Nolan's family birthday party
My brother in law was married. 
We celebrated our 3rd wedding anniversary in the wine cellar at Aria.

We celebrated my 30th birthday with great friends at Ormbsys.

Our house started to come together with all the finishing touches.
We closed on our home Memorial Day weekend!

Nolan took his first independent steps.
He enjoyed reading in his new room.
We got to see baby Girl one more time at our thirty week ultrasound in 3D.

We met up with my brother and his wife in Chattanooga. 
Ashley hosted my sprinkle 
Such a great group of ladies
Eliza's nursery was completed.
Nolan prepared to become a big brother.

Lots of park dates with Nolan before baby sister arrived.
Final date night before becoming a family of 4!
Last few snuggles as an only child

I went into labor on Labor Day and my primary doctor delivered Eliza. 
Nolan meeting Eliza.
Three generations 
Meeting grandparents 
Heading home as a family of four
Ciak family meets Eliza 
My Dad meets her.
We did family photos and newborn photos.
We celebrated Kara and Brian's wedding! 

My brother, sister in law, and nephews visited.
My Mom with all her grandbabies for the first time!
Pumpkin picking 
Dressed up for Halloween 

Penn State finished the season ranked #5 and Rose Bowl bound!
We hosted Thanksgiving in our new home.
Thankful for her!
Group shot

We picked out a Christmas tree.
Classic one year old Santa photo 
That's better.
Family picture Christmas morning.
Ciak Christmas

All smiles on her first Christmas!
More smiles on his second Christmas!

And just like that another year in the books. 2016 was a favorite in my books but I know it was a challenging year for many. Whether your year was great or whether it wasn't the best, I hope 2017 brings all the love, health, and happiness possible! 

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