Friday, December 18, 2015

2015 Year in Review

What a year! 2015 was the year I became a Mom, and something I will remember forever. April 22, 2015 at 10:47am was without a doubt the highlight of 2015. It was quite possibly the best day of my life. It's been a year of many ups and downs though. As a person, I grew stronger and was challenged more than any previous year. There were smiles of joy, tears of happiness and sadness, and a ton of laughter along the way. We celebrated weddings of family and friends, babies being born, and even some traveling all while adjusting to being new parents. Here is a recap!

Happy New Year and 24 weeks pregnant!
In January, I got the exciting news I would be a bridesmaid in my brothers wedding in August. 
At the end of January, we completed Nolan's nursery. 
We had our "babymoon" weekend at Chateau  Elan.
We attended a Penn state dance marathon charity event for children with cancer at the GA Aquarium. 

My mom hosted a wonderful baby shower on Sunday February 8th.
We celebrated Baby Ciak surrounded by great friends. 
What a wonderful shower!
Mid February I was 30 weeks pregnant! Only 10 more weeks to go.
In late February we enjoy a cabin weekend in the snow with friends. 
My Dad came to Atlanta for one more visit before the baby arrived.

After lots of rain, we finally got our maturity pictures in. I was 35 weeks pregnant.
I absolutely loved how our maternity pictures turned out. 
Only a few more weeks until we would meet our little boy!
At the end of March, I had my 37 week ultrasound to check on the baby's weight and fluid. He was very squished in there but we got this profile shot of his face with his hand under his chin!

We celebrated Easter with our families.
We had our last date night before our family changed from 2 to 3! 
Last pregnancy picture at 39 weeks 6 days!
We checked into the hospital at 11am on Tuesday April 21st. Last picture before becoming parents!
After almost exactly 24 hours, we welcomed Nolan Reid Ciak into our family on April 22, 2015 at 10:47am weighing in at 7lbs 8oz and 20in long. He was born on his due date!
On Friday April 24, we brought our little guy home!
Nolan met both his grandmothers!
My Dad came down from NJ to meet his newest grandson.
Nolan met some of his aunts and his uncle from the Ciak side.
We took newborn pictures, and celebrated our second anniversary.

My friend, Jess from college came down from PA to meet Nolan. 
I celebrated my first Mother's Day.
We celebrated my 29th birthday.
Nolan met his cousins and my brother and sister in law when they came down from PA.
We celebrated Amy and Blane's wedding.

Aunt Emily and Uncle Dennis came down from DC to visit.
Jeremy celebrated his first Father's Day!
Lauren and Conrad came down from NJ to meet Nolan.
Our friends Alyssa and Brandon got married.
I breast fed, pumped, and made a lot of milk! I had my fair share of breastfeeding challenges but it was worth everyone of them. Nursing has been a huge part of this year. In the beginning every 2-3 hours around the clock and now every 3-4 hours. It's amazing how your day becomes planned out based on when you need to nurse or pump.

We travelled to Pittsburgh for Lauren's wedding. 
Nolan went on his first flight!
Nolan did some baby modeling.
We had play dates with new Mom friends. Thankful for these new friendships!

We flew to DC and went to Middleburg, VA for my brother and Emily's wedding.
First time in a wedding party together.

Nolan attended his first Major League Baseball game. The Braves versus the Yankees.

In September I had a colonoscopy, and we had a neighborhood water leak near our home. Those were a few of the not so fun times. 

Grandad came to visit again. I also had surgery this week while he was in town.
Nolan attended his first college football game.
We celebrated Jeremy's 30th birthday at Piedmont Park. 
The newest 30 year old!
We celebrated Brian and Ashley's wedding. 
Nolan had his first Halloween, and we attended Trick or Trunk where I used to teach.
Nolan started solids

We hosted a Thanksgiving dinner with friend and roasted our first turkey.
Nolan had his first Thanksgiving.
We had Thanksgiving with three families together.
First Thanksgiving as a family of three.
And just a few short days after the holiday weekend on Monday November 30, we signed a contract to build a new home!
More about this in another post soon!

We listed our townhouse for sale, and within 48 hours had multiple offers. We are currently under contract with a closing date scheduled for late January if all goes as planned. 
We visited PA and NJ for some family and friend time.
We saw friends of mine from growing up and college.

We visited Laurel and Rob who just welcomed a new baby girl, Nora. We also saw my Dad.
Almost time for Nolan's first Christmas!

We received lots of holiday cards that remind us of our wonderful family and friends. And that's a wrap of 2015. 

Many wonderful things happened this year. It also challenged me a lot as I worked through becoming a new parent, some medical issues, a major water leak, having my identity compromised, and much more. It almost felt like information overload sometimes, and I really felt like an adult this year. Jeremy was beside me through all of it! His support was endless, and together we got through many highs and even some lows. 

2015 is going to be hard to top but we already have some exciting things on our calendar for next year including watching our new home be built, a move, and four 2016 weddings already lined up. I encourage you to take a moment to reflect on all the events that happened in your life this year. Whether good or bad, I hope you gained valuable experiences and learned life lessons like I did. Cheers to a wonderful holiday season!

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