Sunday, November 29, 2015

Play dates

Since I stay at home and Nolan doesn't go to daycare, I try to make sure we have play dates with other kids. Being a former teacher, the socialization part of his development is important to me. While many of my friends don't have children yet, I'm starting to have a bigger network of Mom friends too. I plan to take Nolan to story time, swim lessons, and more activities as he gets a little older but for now we've been doing play dates.

The other day we went over to my neighbors to play with Micah. The boys played really well together. I'm noticing the sharing of toys is tough really at any age. Micah did great sharing with Nolan. 
They even held hands all by themselves. Getting them both to look at the camera is hard to do! 
They both had fun reaching for toys.
Yesterday we went to my friend Hillary's. They have a new place we got to see for the first time which was awesome. These four played together. Her daughter, Eva is 11 months and the other two kids were also 11 months and just over 2. It's always interesting seeing all the skills that the older babies can do. It's amazing how much more those babies can do and they are only 4 months older.

We realize our time of Nolan staying in one place is almost up. It's about time to bring out the baby gates and start the baby proofing. Those little ones were constantly on the go so I am about to be one busy Mom. For now, I'm enjoying those snuggles and Nolan staying in generally the same spot that I left him. He's starting to scoot and push his way forwards or backwards but hasn't gotten going just yet.
I really enjoy watching little ones interact with one another. I hope that Nolan learns to be a sweet boy who shares!

Saturday, November 28, 2015

Nolan's first swing experience

We are really enjoying this beautiful weather. Nolan and I love having Jeremy around during the day. With the 70 degree temperatures we decided to take Nolan to the park to try out the swing. I wasn't sure what to expect but he loved it! 
He was all smiles! 
Very relaxed. He almost fell asleep in the swing.
Short sleeves in late November. Just one of the reasons I love living in the south. 

Thursday, November 26, 2015

Thanksgiving 2015

Last Thanksgiving I was almost halfway through my pregnancy. Fast forward a year, and we have a seven month old joining us for this special day. The holiday season is upon us, and today is a day to think about all that we have to be thankful for. I'm thankful for this life we have created here in Georgia. Seven and a half years ago, my mom and I moved here not knowing what to expect. I must say this chapter in the South has far exceeded my expectations. I'm thankful for Jeremy for working hard everyday to provide for Nolan and me so that I can stay home and love this sweet little boy. 

Jeremy's family has been so kind to bring my Mom into their holiday gatherings. Since Jeremy's brother got engaged last Thanksgiving, we have been combining our holidays with these three wonderful families. While many of our family members were not here today, we are always thinking of them and hope they had a great day! Here are some pictures from Thanksgiving 2015.
First Thanksgiving as a family 
Group shot 
Uncle Jonathan, Nolan, and his Dad
Hanging out with Grammy
Hanging out with Grandma. Nolan is lucky to have both his grandmothers in GA! He is one loved little boy.
Just posing 
The table set up at my in laws. They are great hosts!
Nolan hung out in the pack and play next to the table while we ate.
Yum! Our bellies were full! Such a nice day!

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Delayed weekend updates

It's been a busy but productive week so far and haven't had a chance to post about the weekend. Nolan got to visit with some of Jeremy's friends from growing up. Adam and Marlee were in town from San Fran and planned a little gathering at Tap in the city. The food was delicious and the company was great too! My friend Ashley was sweet and held Nolan so I could eat with two hands. That is always much appreciated! I've gotten pretty good at eating and doing things one handed but always nice when someone else entertains him for a few!
Nolan and Ashley having fun together!
Ashley's new husband Brian and Nolan 
Nolan loved staring at Adam.
He was feeling sad about the Penn state football loss.
On Sunday we went to look at houses. Nolan loved looking around the homes. I fell in love with the kitchen and these windows. 
Love the gray. The model home was beautiful, and I got excited about the idea  of building/new construction. Building a home has always been a hope of mine someday.

We have made some good progress in our home search. Jeremy and I have been having those conversations of what we really hope to have in our next home. We made a list of must haves and nice to haves which we sent to our realtor. He's populated our search based on the list of criteria we gave him. It's a bit overwhelming choosing a home this time around because we have more to consider, mainly schools being the difference from our last home purchase. I feel much more educated and comfortable buying this time around though and know more what to expect. Plus we love our realtor. We recognize it will be difficult to find the perfect home in the location we like with great schools as well as a good price point but so far we are excited about our options. We don't have a set timeline which gives us time to really look around, weigh our options, and hopefully find that home we are hoping for. 

Many people have asked me if we should wait until the new Braves stadium opens due to potential increase in value. I liked our realtors answer to that question. He said while you may make 10% more on this home, you will likely also be paying 10% more on a more expensive home. Home prices do seem to be rising so we are hoping to still catch them at a good time with low interest rates. More soon!

Sunday, November 22, 2015

7 months!

7 month updates
Weight/height: we don't have a doctors appointment this month but I would guess 21 pounds/27 inches 

Hair: It is light brown. His old hair fell out and new slightly lighter brown hair is growing in a little longer. He still looks bald in pictures but he's got a little more in person.

Eyes: They are bright blue. He's very alert now when he is awake and likes to follow objects. He can see longer distances too. He is very curious and wants to look everything! 

Clothes: some 9 month but transitioning more to 12 month. 

Diapers: size 4. We just finished up all our 3s. 

Sleeping: He does sleep longer stretches usually and but we still have some nights with some wake ups. I think its mostly due to teething, hunger, or a dirty diaper. He pretty consistently goes to bed between 7:30 and 8. When he wakes up in the morning, he often plays happily in his crib. Pretty similar to his 6 month update. 

Likes: nursing, car rides, walks in the stroller, the sound machine, Nuk pacifiers, being held in the rocking chair, his activity mat, the jumperoo, being in the carrier, being talked to and read to. 

Dislikes: burping during feedings, spitting up in his crib or car seat, getting his face and hair washed, being overly tired, the nose frida

Eating: He is breastfed every three to four hours during the day, and he still usually nurses once at night. I've been exclusively breastfeeding him except if I am out with him and not able too and then he gets a breastmilk bottle. Feeding times are typically around 8-9am, 12-1pm, 4pm, bedtime, and once overnight. I know it looks like I feed him all day long but I really don't! Pretty much the same as last month. 

Milestones/activities: his head control has gotten really good, he makes lots of noises including consonant sounds, he sneezes, and he hiccups. He coos and smiles often. He is squealing and blowing air with his mouth. He consistently rolls over both ways now but rolls from back to belly more often. Tummy time is much more enjoyable now. He loves sitting up and playing with his feet and reaching for/kicking toys on his activity mat. He also likes to bat at toys on his jumper and knows how to jump in it. Everything seems to go in his mouth lately. He still spits up often and drools. The spit up seems better some days but other days not as much. His first two teeth keep coming through. He is laughing and giggling when you tickle him or laugh a lot. He is starting to push up with his arms and stick his butt in the air as attempts to crawl but he still doesn't go very far. He can scoot to a toy you put slighty in front of his but isn't on the move just yet.

Here are some recent pictures from our monthly pictures shoot.
He's looking taller!
Serious business 
Such a happy baby! Love this one even though he covered up the 7 month sticker. 
Playing with his feet!
Chubby boy! 
Sitting so nicely.
It was a cold morning today so he wore his GT hat to match Dad!
He was very well behaved today while we ran errands! I still can't believe I have a 7 month old. I feel like I was just pregnant. We are enjoying every minute of this sweet age. There's a lot we have to be thankful for this year!

Saturday, November 21, 2015

Happy baby

On Friday, I wasn't feeling the greatest. Just after I said breastfeeding was going well, I seem to have gotten mastitis. Thursday it started being sore, and on Friday morning, I had a fever, aches, and the one side was all red and swollen. A few friends have had this before and said not to wait to call the doctor.

I called in and told them my symptoms, and they agreed it sounded like the early stages of mastitis. It's another breastfeeding infection which can happen. They called me in some medicine, and hopefully I'll be feeling better quickly especially since I caught it early. After my first experience with thrush and letting it linger, I have tried to recognize these things sooner.

Nolan fortunately napped well for me so I could rest. Being sick yourself and being a Mom can be tricky but he made it an easy day for me. I actually napped while he napped and that's something I rarely do. He woke up from his naps so happy too! 
Love walking in to get that sweet boy!
We played and read some books. His attention span for reading is still pretty long but I anticipate that changing once he starts crawling. 
We snuggled a lot and the smiles and the giggles made my day.
He even liked his butternut squash that I made! I really enjoy our days at home together even if I'm feeling under the weather. Hope you all have a great weekend!

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Productive week

After traveling last week, it's been nice being home this week. I've been keeping busy. It always seems like there is something on my to do list. 

Yesterday we had a play date with one of my neighbors. I got to hold a newborn again, and it felt so different! Nolan still seems like a baby to me but when you put him next to a 6 week old, the difference is crazy. Holding this little guy got me excited about visiting my friend Laurel, and her sweet girl who will be about 5-6 weeks when we get there. 
Today I had my 6 week post op appointment. Everything seems to be healing well but I'm still not at 100%. I'm glad I did the surgery and am still optimistic that I will eventually get back to being pain free. It just might be taking longer than I had hoped. 

After my doctors appointment, we had a play date. Finn and Heath are the boys I used to babysit for. All our boys are growing up quickly.
Here are Nolan and Heath playing. Heath seemed to want whatever toy Nolan wanted but they still played so sweet together. I can't wait to meet their baby girl that is due in late March! 
Nolan likes wearing his hoodies during the cool days!

It's hard to believe Thanksgiving is next week. We are excited for our first holiday season as a family of three. More soon!

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Breastfeeding and solids update

Breastfeeding has been wonderful lately. I feel like my body is finally getting how much milk I need to make, and I'm not nearly as uncomfortable as I used to be. My supply seems more under control. Aside from Nolan getting easily distracted while nursing, everything has been great. No soreness or irritation, less knots, and just overall very enjoyable. This point we've gotten to today was what I had hoped for during those challenging months when I felt like I almost wanted to give it up. Looking back on all the struggles I had the first 3-5 months, I have realized it was all worth it. My time nursing each day is one of my favorite parts of the day. I'm very thankful Nolan was able to get past his initial challenges and that I was too. It's crazy to think back on the days I worried because he wasn't gaining and look at him now. No problem gaining. We really make a good team now! 

It's hard to believe I'm more than halfway to my goal of breastfeeding for at least a year. I remember thinking a year seemed like a really long time but it's flying. I can now understand why the weaning process will be tough. Breastfeeding and that bond with Nolan has become a part of me and of us that I know I will miss. I'm enjoying all these moments now as I recognize it will come to an end.

We've been doing solids for about a month now but it hasn't really changed our nursing routine just yet. I've heard many people say foods before one is just for fun, and I feel like I agree with that. He seems to still be getting the majority of his nutrition from nursing while also learning to take in solids. He's getting a little better at eating each day it seems. I'm really enjoying seeing his sweet little facial expressions as he tries a new food. It has changed his diapers a bit with less frequent number 2 and less diaper explosions since it's not so liquidy anymore. That's been a welcomed change. 

We've been following the guideline of one new food every 3-5 days to check for allergies. So far he has had avocado, carrots, sweet potatoes, carrots, bananas, apples, and pear. I've mostly been making it except for the week we were out of town. Lately I've been doing more purées but still a bit of baby lead weaning. This solids thing is a learning process for both of us. He seems happy, healthy, and full and is clearly growing so I think what we have been doing is working out. 

The next food we are going to introduce is butternut squash. I've been just doing two meals a day, and we are about to increase it to three a day. He is seeming more interested and excited about the solids.
Here are his thoughts about pear. The first bite he always seems pretty uncertain and a few bites later he get more interested.
 Grammy fed him too, and he did great!
Eating solids can be pretty exhausting too. We were eating dinner and looked over and saw him sound asleep in the high chair. What a sweetheart! We are very thankful for a boy who loves to nurse and eat! Let's hope he stays that way!

Sunday, November 15, 2015

Thanksgiving with friends

Tonight we hosted a pot luck Thanksgiving dinner with a bunch of my old coworkers. Jeremy and I provided the turkey, gravy, cranberry sauce, and plates/utensils and everyone else brought other items to contribute. We had a cheese ball, pumpkin pie, wine, and a variety of side dishes. There was sweet potato casserole, stuffing, scalloped potatoes, and brussel sprouts. Everything turned out very well. The food was great but the company was even better. I find myself continually laughing and having fun! I'm very thankful that my old school and teaching brought us together.

Here are some pictures from our dinner.
I picked up some festive plates, napkins, and a table cloth to decorate a little. 
The turkey turned out really well for our first time! I'm thankful for a husband who knows how to cook! Jeremy gets credit for the success of the turkey and the gravy. I'm amazed and how well he times everything and prepares it all so calmly. Cooking together and helping each other makes it easier too.
Cutting the turkey!
Nolan and Coleton played nicely together while Jeremy and I finished preparing dinner. Coleton liked to give Nolan the ball and take Nolan's paci out of his mouth even though he had his own. Too cute!
Everyone getting dinner.
The parents/baby table
The other table! Such a great group of friends!
Yum! I can't wait to eat leftovers! Thanks to all who attended and helped make this meal happen. We certainly have a lot to be thankful for this year!

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