Sunday, August 30, 2015

Mom and baby play dates

I feel very fortunate to have a network of friends in Atlanta with babies and young children. I remember when I was pregnant feeling like I didn't know that many people with kids but since Nolan was born, I've made some new Mom friends which has been great. As a stay at home Mom, I find it important to stay social and active. You really could isolate yourself and become lazy if you let yourself.

One of my newest friends is actually a new neighbor. Her name is Liz, and she just recently moved in practically across the street. She's a stay at home mom to a little boy named Micah. It is awesome having her across the street and around during the day. We have play dates very frequently. It will be nice when Nolan can play better with her son who is almost 15 months. I love this sweet picture of our boys together. 
Holding hands 
Looking right at each other! 

Nolan loves watching Micah play, and I know he will learn a lot from him. Jeremy and Liz's husband Craig get along well too. We have each other over for dinner sometimes. It's nice for one of us to cook and the other not having to plan a meal for that night! I am very thankful they moved in, and look forward to many more fun times together.
My old coworker, Kristen and her son Coleton came over the other day. Coleton is almost seven months. He was actually born the day of my baby shower in February. Needless to say, Kristen didn't make it to my shower but she had the best excuse! They are so sweet together, and I know they will be friends for years to come! 
I love this picture Kristen caught of both boys doing tummy time and looking right at the camera!
Nolan met up with Clara and her Mom, Amanda over the weekend. Nolan was hungry and wanted no part of playing with her. I know Amanda and her husband Aaron through Jeremy. They all went to Tech together and have been friends for years.
A few weeks ago, I met up with another former coworker, Melissa and her son Will. Will was a premie. Nolan is only five weeks older but they have quite the size difference. It was fun meeting up with Melissa and talking about our new Mom experiences. We've had lots of different experience but lots of similar ones too.
 Then there is Emily and her son Preston. I might have already shared this one but I love it! We met when we were walking over MLK weekend. Turns out she lives on my Mom's street and we have lots of other mutual friends as well. It's a small world sometimes!
Emily also introduced me to Hillary and her daughter Eva as well as Alana and her daughter Audrey. Don't have a picture of Nolan and Audrey so I need to get one next time!
This is an older picture too but this is Nolan and Rilynn. Her mom, Ashlie and I taught together for a couple years. My other friend Ashley just had her baby Anslie and we can't wait for play dates with her too. 
Nolan and Eden met for the first time this week. Her Mom, Marsha and I used to work together. I've enjoyed staying in touch and experiencing pregnancy and motherhood with her. 

We have a good mix of little boy and girl friends. I am so thankful for all these awesome Moms. 

Friday, August 28, 2015

Weekly updates

I'm really behind on posting this week since there was so much to document from the wedding. It was a bit sad to come home after such a great weekend but we had more fun plans which made it a little easier. 

Our trip back was a bit stressful. Jeremy had to be back for a work conference that started on Sunday morning at the Ritz in Buckhead. He missed all the set up on Saturday which I felt bad about but you can't exactly miss a family wedding. It was definitely bad timing that his biggest work event of the year was the same weekend as my brother's wedding. It happens though. On our way to the airport we found out our flight was delayed. Not again! Fortunately they were able to get us on an earlier flight that was also delayed to around the same time as our original flight. We departed around 3pm and landed just before 5pm. The goal was to be at the hotel by 8pm. 

I figured since I was already packed I might as well stay at the hotel with Jeremy. I loved the idea of staying in Buckhead for three nights and being able to walk to the malls, use the indoor pool, order room service, and just relax. After such a busy weekend, it was nice to have an excuse to spend time with Nolan away from our house. When I'm at home, I always feel like I should be doing laundry, cleaning, or cooking. Being at the hotel allowed me to just spend time with Nolan without all those other responsibilities which was great. 

On Sunday night, we ordered room service and relaxed. After dinner, Jeremy spent time with his coworkers. I got Nolan to bed and went to sleep relatively early. I was exhausted from all the traveling and was so passed out I didn't even hear Jeremy come back in the room.

On Monday morning, he went off to work the conference, and Nolan and I had a lazy morning. Around 11am I ventured over to the mall for a walk and to get some food. We spent the rest of the afternoon at the indoor pool. 
Sleeping during our walk!
He loved the indoor pool. He was all smiles! 
This picture makes me laugh. His mouth looks like the ducks mouth. The lady at the pool gave him a rubber ducky. It was fun being able to take him in the pool and not have to worry about the sun.
Loved the rooftop area 
Hanging out under the umbrella 
Family picture 
He did really well sleeping at hotels for 6 straight nights!

Thursday, August 27, 2015


What a beautiful venue! Every little detail was carefully planned and turned out wonderfully. I loved the rural feel and the tent in the farm land. And that blue sky was to die for. Would have loved that on our wedding day! Perfect day for a wonderful couple. 
Entrance to the tent and reception 
This was our long family table.
Loved the hanging flowers
Pretty napkins and table decorations 
Other tables looked similar to this! Pretty!
Comfy lounge area 
The band was very impressive.
First dance as husband and wife
Mother son dance 
Family picture
Gorgeous sunset over the fields.
Love him!
The tent at night!
Everyone was dancing!
My brother and his son enjoying the reception.
More dancing!
So much love! It was awesome to see Dennis and Emily so happy!
Farewell brunch the morning after.
Nolan enjoyed breakfast with my Aunt, Uncle, cousin, and my brother.
My parents and their friends who traveled to the wedding. It was sad to say goodbye on Sunday. What an amazing.
Fun filled weekend it was celebrating Dennis and Emily! Hope you guys have a great honeymoon, and we wish youch happiness in the years to come. It was a fantastic wedding weekend, and we couldn't be happier to have Emily as a new family member! 

My brother and Emily's wedding

On Saturday morning, we woke up to perfectly blue skies and the sun was shining. You seriously couldn't ask for more perfect weather for your wedding day! We headed to breakfast around 8:30. We got to see the soon to be bride and groom. Here are a few pictures from that morning. 
Nolan had his tie onesie on!
Emily had a matching bride Yankee hat.
Nolan got some snuggle time in with my Dad (his Grandad). 
He also got to meet my cousin Dayna who flew in from Florida.
He loved meeting my Aunt Jenni.
At 11am I headed over to hair and make up. The other bridesmaids were sweet and gave me the latest time so that I could nurse Nolan one more time before I had to be there. Em's family set up a babysitting service for us which we greatly appreciated since Jeremy and I were both in the wedding. The babysitter was on the property so I was able to go back and nurse him while also being a bridesmaid for the day. The wedding planner was awesome and worked with me to find times during the day where I could nurse him. I fed him at 10:30, at 2:30 when Em went for her first look, and again during the cocktail hour around around 6. It worked out really well! I was thankful for the help. 
The bride with her mom while getting ready.
Loved how my hair came out! 
Emily looked stunning!
It was awesome being in the wedding party together. Love this picture!
Mother of the groom 
With my brothers and my new sister! Brian (on left) was the officiant of our wedding and for Dennis and Emily's as well. These were taken before the ceremony. I obviously don't have many from the ceremony since I was in it but I will try to share those when they get the professional pictures back.
Here are the two from the ceremony I do have.
Walking down the aisle
Just married!
We grabbed Nolan from the nanny cottage for some pictures during the cocktail hour. His little suit fit perfectly!
And that tuxedo bib! He was wedding ready!
It's always great to see my oldest brother, sister in law. and my nephews. It's fun to be able to talk about parenting topics with them now. Theo and Simon are growing up so quick! 
Pretty setting for cocktail hour! I'll do a separate post about the reception since this post is already getting long!

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