Saturday, May 3, 2014

Big decision

Here we are ten months later, starting over on my third round of medication. I know that things could be much worse so I'm trying to stay positive. I'm thankful that I haven't experienced any miscarriages. The fear of not being able to have kids is terrifying to me though. I know there are lots of ways to help these days so I am confident something will eventually work. The more people I talk to about it, the more difficult situations I find. The best thing that I can do is stay positive and take care of myself. Oh and I should also add that Jeremy was tested recently and thankfully his results were normal. That was a big relief knowing we were just dealing with me. This brings me back to where we are today and the incredibly difficult decision that I made just last weekend.

Teaching contracts came out on Friday April 25, 2014. It just so happened to come the weekend of our first anniversary when we had a weekend planned together where we would have lots of time to talk about anything and everything. I had been thinking about it for months but now that I had my contract, it was time to make the decision. To take a year off from teaching or not? That was the big question. After many long conversations, we made the decision that I would take a year off. I feel incredibly thankful that this choice is an option for us. This same weekend, I met two amazing families to babysit for part time. Maybe there was a reason I met them. I knew that I could substitute and still make money as well. Although teaching has been a huge part of my life the past six years, and it will be really strange to take the year off, I am very excited about what is in store and feel confident that we made a good decision for our family. I was so nervous to tell my principal but he was so wonderful and our meeting couldn't have gone better! I'm very thankful that he is such a nice, compassionate person who genuinely wants what is best for his staff.

I've already lined up volunteering with "K9 Kids" at my school on Monday mornings. This way I will still get to see my wonderful coworkers and students. I will also still be able to make a difference with these kids because I know how much they need good teachers and role models in their life. I'm also looking forward to subbing and still getting to see my old students. I've never subbed before so I think it will be a learning experience for me seeing other teachers classrooms and learning from them! Who knows, maybe I will like a grade level or something that I never expected. While this is an ending as well as a new beginning, I am happy because I know this is isn't a goodbye with education but instead just a little break while I focus on reducing my stress and starting a family. :)

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