Wednesday, December 6, 2017

15 month well visit 

This little lady is 15 months old already. 

She loves playing in the rocking chair while waiting for the doctor.

She graduated to the big kid scale. She weighs 19lbs 8oz which is 25th percentile.

She graduated from the wooden box to the big kid measuring. She is 29.5 inches and 17th percentile for height.

Not a fan of her immunizations.

Showing off her bandaids. Glad Jeremy could join us today. 

Getting her iron checked, and it wasn’t low this time. 😊

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Eliza 15 months 

Weight/height: 19lbs 8oz and 29.5 inches (25th percentile for weight and 17th percentile for height)

Hair: It is light brown with hints of blond and red in the sunlight. It's getting longer all around but still short and fine.

Eyes: They are light blue.

Clothes: 12 month are getting small and 18 month is starting to fit well. 12-18 month is good.

Diapers: finishing up the last box of 3s and moving onto size 4.

Sleeping: Eliza's sleep has improved in the past few weeks. She’s been going to bed around 8pm and sleeping until about 7:30am. She’s been nursing at bedtime but I’ve weaned all the other feedings. We switch back and forth between one and two naps because she was having a hard time making past lunch time. 3-3.5 hours is generally her awake time between naps. She prefers being rocked to sleep for naps and usually cries a lot if you just drop her in the crib awake after some stories. I enjoy the snuggles because I know they won’t last forever.

Likes: music and dancing, pushing riding toys, playing outside, reading, nursing, her pacifier

Dislikes: being hungry, when she can't see someone, when I walk out of the room she's in, getting a toy she's playing with taken away, still not a fan of car rides or running errands.

Eating: She is breastfed once a day at bedtime. We’re working on weaning gradually. She’s drinking milk well and generally eating regular food well. Some days she eats better than others.

Milestones/activities: all of her first 4 molars are coming through as well as one of her canine teeth. 13 teeth total. She’s walking and running now, can climb up the stairs and is getting better at going down, lots of babbling, waves and say hi and bye, claps, says uh oh, says baa for sleep. New words this month up, cheese, milk, beep beep, thank you, tree, and moo for cow. She also tries to say here you go when she gives you something. Eliza attempts to sing the ABC song and Twinkle Twinkle. She loves to point at different objects. She’s attempting more and more sounds that we say and getting better at trying to repeat a word especially the beginning sound. She’s very clingy to me lately but that’s expected at this age when separation anxiety is typical.

More photos soon. She wasn’t feeling a photo shoot tonight.

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