Sunday, August 20, 2017

Two new teeth and a busy weekend

On Saturday Eliza had two new teeth break through. Her 7th and 8th tooth started to come in so she will soon have four on top and four on the bottom. She's definitely been fussier at times lately. Hopefully she will get a little break from teething before her molars and canine teeth come in. 

Today we had a one year old birthday party for Eliza's friend Joelle. They are 6 days apart. It's hard to believe it's been a year since we both had our girls. It's been fun to see them growing up together. 
Happy 1st Birthday Joelle!
Eliza liked the flamingo decorations.
She liked the pinwheels too.
This was my best attempt at a photo of their college outfits. I'm getting excited about college football season and PSU being ranked I believe #6 going into the season.
Eliza joined right in with the older kids and the parachute.
Playing with Joelle
Sibling time

This evening we did family photos and Eliza's one year pictures. It was a very hot evening but I was glad it didn't rain. The sun was out, skies were blue, and I loved the location the photographer suggested. It was called Green Meadow Preserve. There was a pretty field and an area with a community garden with flowers. 

Taking photos of a one year old and two year  old aren't easy but I definitely think we got some good ones! I can't wait to see them! We weren't able to get any sibling ones because it's tough to get them both to sit but we did get some family ones and individual ones of both of them. 

Eliza was really melting down at one point. I hadn't planned on nursing her but all our other tricks to keep her happy weren't working. Fortunately that helped calm her down. She wasn't the most smiley during the shoot but I've learned that with children, the candid photos are just as special as the posed ones. These are the photos and memories that I know I will look back on when they are all grown up. I'm glad we can document this sweet and crazy time in our lives. More soon!

Friday, August 18, 2017

Weekly activities

Painting and reading 
Need to document the meltdowns too right? 
"This is my lunchbox. I'm ready for Kindergarten."
I'm glad we still have a few more years until Kindergarten but I'm glad he's excited about it!
Sweet girl greets me with this smile after her nap.
Playing inside at the mall since it's been so hot lately.

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Cousins meet Roland/Janine's 70th

Our routine lately

Long post. Trying to catch up on my blog. We've had a nice few days. Both Eliza and Nolan are healthy again, and it's been refreshing for Jeremy and me. Before I had children, I didn't realize how much a fever, a virus, a common cold, hand foot, and mouth, or any illness can just throw everything off. Much of the month of July someone was sick. Those days of illness have really made the days of good health that much more special.

Nolan is enjoying coloring, painting, playing with magnatiles, reading books, and learning. The teacher in me loves being able to use some of my old teaching resources with him. I love the pretend play and seeing where his imagination takes him. I find myself laughing and smiling at the funny things he does and says. He can be such a sweet boy.

There have been a lot more moments lately where the terrible two behavior comes through. More tantrums, more saying no, more meltdowns because he wanted to blue cup instead of the yellow cup (even though I asked his preference initially so he could decide). It sometimes feels like with toddlers you're damned if you do and damned if you don't. He's also started to ask why a little more often too. I see his independence and self sufficiency starting to show through which is exciting but it also makes me miss when he was really small. 

Eliza's quickly changing from an infant to a toddler. While she may be small in size, she is determined and a busy little lady. She mastered walking quickly and is toddling all over the house often with her hands in the air ready to catch her fall. She follows me everywhere which is really sweet. I know I'll miss these days when she is grown up. I still can't believe her birthday is just 3 weeks away. Her smiles, her giggles, and the joy she has over simple things is fun to see. She likes to carry around large stuffed animals and objects around the house. 

Our routine lately looks like this. (Ages 11 months and 2 years 3 months)

7:30am Eliza wakes up. Nurse her and get her changed and dressed. I usually get dressed  before Nolan wakes up. 
8:00-8:30 head downstairs. Feed her solids, let the dog out, and I eat breakfast too. 
8:30-9:00 wake Nolan. He loves to sleep. If he's not up by 9 it's hard to get him to nap around 2 so I usually wake him at 8:30.
9:00-9:30 feed Nolan breakfast while Eliza plays on the floor.
9:30-10:00 both play or they play separately and I go back and forth between each of them.
10:00-11:30 Eliza nap. Play one on one with Nolan. If I have things I need to take care of around the house I'll put a show on during part of this time.
11:30-12:30 play time together 
12:30-1:00 lunch 
1:00-2:00 stories and more playing 
2:00-3:00 Eliza one on one time and nurse her before her afternoon nap. I just recently dropped a feeding most days.
2:00-4:00 Nolan's nap
4:30-both of them wake up. 
4:45-5:00 Dad gets home! We are all always happy to see him. 
5:00-6:00 Tag team making dinner and watching the kids. 
6:00-7:30 play outside, go to the park, food trucks, etc. 
7:30-8:00 bath and bedtime routine 
8:30 bedtime I nurse Eliza and Jeremy reads to Nolan. Sometimes I do both if the timing works out well.

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