Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Eliza 2 years 9 months

Weight/height: Around 27lbs and 37in 

Hair: It is light brown. It's gradually getting longer.

Eyes: They are light blue.

Clothes: 2T or 3T. She can squeeze into a few 24 month 

Diapers: 2T/3T pull ups

Sleeping: Eliza's overnight sleep has been great lately. Generally going to bed around 8:30pm and sleeping until 8:30am. Her naps are usually an hour and a half but sometimes longer. 

Likes: milk, snacking, being carried, playing outside, reading, dressing up/pretend play, trying things independently, Disney princesses, watching tv/movies, swimming (Her swimming has really taken off this past month, and she can independently swim freestyle and backstroke with pretty decent form) 

Dislikes: being told no, vegetables

Eating: She still loves milk. Eliza likes most fruits. Veggies are a challenge but she will usually eat peas and corn. She likes pasta, chicken, pizza, eggs, cashews, string cheese, prunes, yogurt, and fruit snacks.

Milestones/activities: All 4 molars are in. She’s very chatty. She does still cry sometimes but not as much as she used to. She has started to talk back a bit more so we’ve been trying to encourage her to speak nicely and use her manners by saying no thank you instead of just saying no. She likes to do everything independently. She can put her clothes on and off pretty well. 

Eliza is potty trained with poop but not quite yet for pee. I’m mainly waiting until after the move to fully potty train her. Eliza has started to play independently for longer periods of time but prefers being played with. She enjoys technology and taking pictures. Generally she is happiest when we are out and about being social or doing something active. She likes playing with my make up and jewelry too. She asks for her toes and nails to be done like Mommy. This month she went to summer camp for the first time and did carpool pick up for the first time too. She walked in with her brother without any tears and just said bye Mommy! It makes me happy to see her going off to preschool without tears and being so excited about it. She sure is growing up too quick! 

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